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Greetings, and welcome to my wee corner of the web. StoryTeller2.com is always changing, always growing - as I am always changing, always growing. After a fairly lengthy break, I am busily creating new graphics and updating the site. The biggest reason for my lack of updates? I had gone back to college and just officially graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA, English major, as of September, 2012. Yea, me!! *grins* Okay, some of the updates will have to wait because, drumroll I'm back in school - yes, again! - and working on my Masters in English, Creative Writing, Fiction concentration!! I'm set to graduate February 28, 2016 and I do believe it will be Magna Cum Laude again, too. Woo-hoo! I'm halfway through my second to last class right now, November 10, 2015. And, to add to my work and stress load, I've also entered the NaNoWriMo novel challenge, hence the handy-dandy word count widget below... er, right above my site menu, that is! Check out how many words I've written in my paranormal romance, daily.

Samples of my older fiction - and non-fiction, as well as some new stuff written for class assignments, can be found in my original fiction section, as well as an introduction (of sorts *grins*) to the author. Consider visiting over 100 pages of fact-filled (educational) pages on many different animals, from purebred to wildlife, in the critters section- or find out what movies/TV shows are in Remi's current top favorite list, as well as meet the newest addition to the family, Luna, the Rough Collie. The clubhouse section houses various dedication pages to groups I am currently, or formerly, a member of, as well as a playhouse - where my year 'round Halloween festival and 'fun' pages are located. (The pages in italics will be updated, soon!) There really is more here, then meets the eye.

More then anything, I hope that you enjoy your visit, and have fun. I would also like to mention that after no updates for (literally!) years, I am updating the entire site. As of October 1, 2012, the Original Fiction area has been updated with some new pieces added as well; the majority of the Clubhouse has been updated, excluding gifts pages; and, the Spiritual section is updated - new pages coming soon!

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