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AVMA Pet Poison Guide - excellent site to bookmark, great reference
Pet Loss, Grief Support - Rainbow Bridge here, and candlelight services
Sheltie International - one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines around!
Sheltie Pacesetter - also one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines

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I loved being in the show ring.    However,  I'm honest enough to admit,  I was  not  very good at it!    After a year of poorly presenting my Heather,  my good friend,  Joyce Lawson of  Wyndborne Shelties,  offered to handle her.    And oh what a team they made!    Joyce and Heather looked absolutely wonderful together;  and, several breeders suddenly became curious about this typey little showgirl.    Joyce handled Heather to most of her championship points.    I was lucky enough to put 2 points on her myself,  before Boyd Smith of Brandywine Shelties finished her.

Some of Heather's wins with Joyce and Boyd,  can be seen  here.    Unfortunately,  due to a fire and the loss of my home in July 1999,  I don't have anymore pictures of any of my dogs.

AM CH Sterling's Lovely Odds Sterling's Beats The Odds AM/CAN CH Ventura's New Attitude CH Mainstay's Attitude Adjustment CH Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM
CH Mainstay's Rumor Has It
AM/CAN CH Romayne's Contessa AM/CAN CH Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM
CH Romayne's Sportin' Chance
Oak Crest High Society AM/CAN CH Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM Marksmen's Sudden Love
CH Winslow Summitt Rip Tide
Oak Crest's Song of Winslow AM/CAN CH Sir Joshua of Winslow
Heatherledge's Just For Fun CD
Sterling's Lovely Lady CH Benayr Westwind Contraband ROM Benayr Trouble Maker CH Benayr Peter Principal
Benayr Just Because
Grelore Luscious Lilly CH Benayr Peter Principal
CH Grelore Ruby Red Dress
Crawford Cricket of Car-Dot CH Beltane Notable AM/CAN CH Rorralore Sportin' Chance
CH Beltane Raelene
Crawford's Perfection Marriott Believe It
CH Crawford's Truly Blessed
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