Path finder, Teacher and Mentor


The wolf is the true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness . . . .

wolf sketch

She has long been depicted in artwork. Oft painted as an evil villain, the wolf is possibly the most misunderstood of all creatures.

Native Americans have long revered wolf as a guardian and teacher -- for her protective qualities; as a mentor, loyal friend and guide. Hunters prayed to wolf, to be told where game could be found.Native woman wolf reflection

The song of the wolf -- as well as visions and dreams of wolf -- are thought to have special power. Wolves are wanderers, and therefore know everything, says Growling Bear (aka Michael Bromley) in his book, Spirit Stones.

The wolf, howling against the backdrop of a full moon, is a powerful image. The light of the moon represents introspection, in contrast to the light of the sun, which represents radiance. The moon is seen as the wolf's ally, and they both represent psychic energy and the creative force; both hold secrets and hidden understanding. The wolf baying at the moon is calling for that which is being shielded to be revealed. (Growling Bear, Spirit Stones)



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