So last Thursday I picked up a Ford Flex from Enterprise and headed to Cartersville to pick up my Ding-a-ling and family; after a speedy dinner [provided by Dingy] and loading the Flex, we got on the road for our long, long, long, l o n g trip to Fargo, ND. Hope kept us entertained with her singing and silly chatter while D totally embraced the ‘sullen teen’ persona – you know, the one that cannot associate with [blech!] family but must keep their nose pressed to the mobile screen viewing YouTube videos… unless money was being spent or goodies being purchased, then she was her usual cuddle-bunny-self! *grins* Ahh, teenagers, I remember them well… *glancing knowingly at Dingy*

I drove through the night until around 10a.m., then Dingy took over for the last 300 miles. We arrived in Fargo Friday afternoon, and we were all exhausted. We relaxed in our lovely room at the Hilton Garden Inn – meaning, the adults relaxed as Hope explored the room and D & Jonathan explored the hotel. Although, I think we were all asleep before nine [I fell asleep by 8:30!] Saturday, if memory serves [bear with me, I’m old *grins*] we all went swimming for a bit, used the whirlpool and relaxed until time to get ready for Jennie & Ryan’s wedding. Then we were shocked when Micah showed up! Micah and Bill really hit it off, and we had a chance to catch up some – which made us arrive late to the wedding! Ack! Micah said he was blaming me. Naturally, I blame Micah.

Jennie was a beautiful bride, the ceremony was quite lovely… pictures were taken, and then we were off to the reception. O.M.G. D was a dancing fool, hardly left the dance floor at all, and some of Jennie’s friends were pointing at her – trying to get the ones that didn’t know how to dance, to copy D’s example! So many people popped over to tell me how beautiful she is – she looked like a princess. And little Hope, in her pink leopard print dress was absolutely adorable! Had a great time catching up with family – oh yeah *giggles* when Dave was walking Patti down the aisle after the wedding ceremony and saw me, he screamed like a girl! We didn’t stay till the end, much to D’s dismay, because poor Hope was a walking zombie from sheer exhaustion… we left around 10 or so, and again all fell asleep pretty quickly. Dingy and family woke early and spent the day at the pool and fitness room – she was trying to give Mom some quiet time – and I did a tiny bit of computer work. Got Scrivener set up on both laptops, logged into school and greeted one of my peers, downloaded pertinent classroom data, things like that. Also got one of the novel’s I’m working on set up in Scrivener.

Dave, Patti, Jennie, Ryan & Jon surprised us with a visit to our room, and we made arrangements to meet them for dinner after we visited for a half hour. Had a nice dinner, lots of talking and catching up and tons of hugs when dinner was done… we went back to the hotel for more relaxation and swimming after dinner. Monday we packed up and were checked out, on the road by noon.

Broke down in St. Cloud, MN and the Enterprise there totally sucked! Accused us of smoking in the car, said the Dallas office where I rented the Flex were horrid and gave me a dangerous vehicle [they did not! The Dallas branch is Awesome!!] Idiots cost us almost 3-hours in lost time before we finally got a replacement vehicle [2015 Suburban – roomy, decent gas mileage, but none of the luxuries we had in the Flex, like Sirius radio] and had all of us angry as all get out at Enterprise – thanks to the manager there.

So, here it is 8:30 Tuesday night and I’m home and in my pj’s. I turned the vehicle in a day early, let my Dallas office know how St. Cloud bad-mouthed them, got my girls [Luna cried!!!!] and got my electronic’s unpacked… nothing else, though. Trying to stay up a bit longer to get closer to my normal routine, but all-in-all, it was a fun trip and we all enjoyed it.

Now, need to get a few more things done so I am so outtie….