the move

Well, we’re finally in the new house. I’m still frazzled – but not as bad as I was during the actual week of the move. All of the new appliances (stainless steel, of course! *winks*) are in place, the kitchen is almost finished – paint-wise. The previous owners had painted the upper walls a hideous fire engine red, the lower walls have decent gold tones wallpaper and the counters were/are green. The kitchen looked like an awful x-mas experiment gone wrong! We chose to paint the red a nice shade of green (Scotland Road is the name) and it blends nicely with the gold toned wallpaper and the stainless steel appliances look gorgeous against it. Only reason the painting isn’t finished, is the previous owners took the curtain rods – none too gently – from the wall, leaving some rather large areas to be plastered over. I had to work around S’s work schedule, and he just finished that wall. So first coat of primer is on and the kitchen will be finished tonight.

S has also been busily laying cable throughout the house, so the network won’t have any wires showing and we’ll have connections from each major room in the house. Once he’s finished with that job – he still has the lower half of the house to cable – he’ll start on the media room. The media room was bedroom #4, but as a longer room, basement level, it was perfect to convert. The 61″ flat screen tv is in there, the 7.1 surround sound system will be hooked up, hi-def dvd player, our gameing systems – it’ll be awesome when it’s done. He decided we should paint that room dark – black or navy, to give it a full theater feel when watching movies. Between the two of us, we have over 1000 dvd’s, so we take our movie watching seriously! *chuckles*

Obviously, he’ll need to buy furniture for the place, as well. Our old apartment was a bit smaller (square footage) then the upstairs, here. He found a nice leather set – 1 couch and 2 armchairs – for the media room, but are waiting to see what type of sales will go on after the New Year before buying anything. The old glass dinette set will fit into the kitchen area, so a nice dining room outfit will be needed eventually. And something nice for the living room, as well. We threw away the old futon we had been using. Only rooms that are fairly furnished are our bedrooms and the office – although my bedroom still isn’t set up, and neither is office.

My bedroom – on the move, we found the wall behind my headboard and tables was full of black mold! No wonder I’ve been feeling so poorly! So my bed is still torn apart and in the garage – it’s been sprayed down with a 50:50 bleach water mixture once, and will be cleaned with Pinesol before sprayed with the 50:50 mixture again, before it’s brought into the house proper and assembled. Besides, I’m painting my room. Previous owners had painted the upper walls gold, lower walls burgandy and all crown molding/baseboards dark navy blue! The gold will need 2 coats of white primer and the burgandy looks like it’ll need 3 coats. That damn blue looks like it might need 4-5 coats before it’s adequately covered to paint over! Then, my room will be done in a silver tone, with an accent wall of purple – good colors to enhance creativity and psychic abilities. Ceiling was planned for a light (barely noticable) blue, but I’m not sure I want to deal painting stucco. Office will also be repainted, although as it was formerly a little girl’s room – painted in pastels, it should only need 1 coat of primer before it can be painted. We haven’t decided on coloring, but did decide to go with a fun theme – pure geeky/computer (think penguins and flying windows) versus a business style.

Due to S’s emergency surgery (day before turkey day), house closing, packing and moving, and now unpacking and painting/prepping – I haven’t been able to do any writing. In fact, this is actually the first time I’ve been at my computer in over 2 weeks. However, I have been able to do some reading – researching – when I’m relaxing at night. So, I’m hopeful about putting some ideas to print here, soon.

family matters

Well, here I am again. I have a few story ideas, wrote a fairly detailed outline for one idea and actually started working on it… then petered off when I got stuck for character names. The idea is still there, albeit not as strong as when it first hit me. *sigh*

Idea number 2 kind of swamped over number 1, and I began several areas of research… got a bit too technical for what I actually needed and became overwhelmed by that. Haven’t done an outline, but began character sketches.

I start writing and become – very swiftly – dissatisfied with what I’m writing, and leave it, fed up. My muse is wanting to express herself, yet there is so much turmoil right now, I’m having a hard time letting her say what she desperately wants to say. This is, I think, even more frustrating then the I-can’t-write-a-thing-due-to-the-dreaded-Writer’s Block. Ack.

My Aunt Jean passed away. Mom has watched 3 of her younger sister’s die now. Aunt Jean was ready to go, she’d been ill for so long and was only in hospice care about 4 days before she passed. Really, I think she only held on till one of her daughters returned home from the first vacation she’s had in years. Mom said she was at hospice, when she (Mom) got a spontaneous nosebleed that even the nurses were having some troubles getting it to stop. So Mom told my cousins she had to listen to her body and go home and get some rest. As she was getting ready to leave, she noticed Aunt Jean was breathing like a fish out of water – that kind of gasping gulping type breath. The nurses had told Mom previously that when that happened, it would be close.

Mom said from the time Aunt Jean went into hospice, she simply lay there, mouth hanging open, eyes pretty dull when they were open. But she recognized all visitor’s and seemed glad to see them. Well, when she began to do the fish breathing thing, Mom said a slow change happened… Aunt Jean closed her mouth finally. She opened her eyes and they sparkled like when she was a young girl, so clear and pretty. She smiled a soft smile, and lifted her head and slightly nodded – Mom said there was an eagerness to it, and raised her arms like she was reaching for someone… then slowly lay back and she was gone. I got chills when Mom told me – I know Uncle Lenny had come to claim his wife, and escort her to her new home. What a beautiful affirmation of whats to come!

Meanwhile, Don’s health had been going downhill and poor Mom has just been frazzled. Her sister, her husband and one son all so ill. At least with Aunt Jean, she wasn’t dangerously sad as she knew Aunt Jean was ready to go. Steve is stil the same, as far as I know – Mom has been wearing herself out between Aunt Jean and Don, and hasn’t been able to go visit him. As to Don, Mom thinks he may have had a mild stroke, although the doctors say no. Long story short, he was sitting on the toilet in tremendous pain, and fell off. Mom and her best friend Dori couldn’t stop him from falling. Mom called 911, and he was taken to the hospital when the EMT’s found his heart so erratic. After a few days in the hospital and many tests later, Don finally agreed to go to a rehad facility. Mom said he’s been responding very well, and is due to be released – for home – on Saturday.

Mom has been trying to take care of herself, but she always puts herself last and gives to others first. (That’s where I learned it. *wink*) Any-whoo, she did go see her lung specialist and he told her – she’s never going to get better, his treatment plan is to keep her comfortable and maintain what use she has currently. I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her lungs, I just know she’s on oxygen fulltime now – never smoked a day in her life – and she tires easily and has this god-awful coughing fits that can last 5 or more minutes and can come every 10-15 minutes when she’s tired. She’s pushing herself too hard and I’m worried about her.

And S is having problems with his stomach. Like me, he has an extremely high pain tolerance threshold. In fact, his may be higher than mine. But I’ve seen him in such pain he’s close to tears and ready to go to the hospital. He’s gone to a few doctors, but so far, no one has found whats causing it or how to help him. I’ve been suggesting several holistic remedies for various symptoms, which give him some relief when he finally tries them… the last remedy gave him close to 2 weeks pain free. Then it hit him again, tonight. He was pale, I knew his stomach was hurting, and he went in to take a hot shower – that sometimes gives him a bit of relief. After the shower, I heard him wretching.

It pains me to hear him gagging like that, and tonight was worse – I got some sympathetic stomach pains and began to feel nauseous, myself. I finally decided to come in here and work on – anything – on my computer. It’s awful of me, I know, but I knew being in the office, with the AC running, I wouldn’t hear him gagging/vomiting.

Remi is with him, trying to comfort him. Momo had been, but the little shit has too much energy and ends up causing more trouble then help given. At least Remi lays still and doesn’t bounce on his stomach. Her soothing presence must have helped, as I put coffee on and just went for a refill and saw he’d finally fallen asleep. Remi up by his head, her big brown eyes so sad and worried. Dammit, I feel overwhelmed by all of the illness.

Reading Frenzy

I’ve finished “Born in Death“, 5 Johanna Lindsey stories, the “Harry Potter” series (again!) and am currently reading the latest in the “in Death” series, “Innocent in Death“. Oh, and also finished a few text-type items, as well as a self-help book. Yeah, been busy reading, reading, reading! Lord, didn’t realize how much I missed it….

Things have also happened in my real life, that have sent me on many emotional, well, lows. Steve (the dumbass) wanted something specific to eat and decided to drive to the store. Mind you, he hasn’t driven for more than 3 years, was only recently removed from hospice care… and he had an accident. No one stopped to assis – he was a bloody mess. He walked the 2 miles back home. Luke (son) walked back and got the car, while Susan (wife) talked him into going to the ER. Mom said his nose was broken in 2 places, something happened to an ear (was almost torn off, I believe), his lip was split in half, in the center (down the indentation under the nose), lost all of his teeth, blackened eyes, something to his hip – he needs a cane now. And his sons say it seems to affected him mentally as well, that he’s “just not right“. He apparently mumbles continually, talking to people only he can see… it’s sad.

Mom’s health has rapidly deteriorated, as well – and that’s what put me in the real emotional tailspin. I can’t quite talk about it yet, it still makes me cry too much. She’s alive, and she has her good days – which are still not all that good, for a 79 year old woman who has never had health issues before… I mean, up until about a year ago, she use to joke that here she is 30 years my senior, but she’s in better health then me. Not any more.

My muse has been poking at me again, a bit more persistently, as I mentioned before. I haven’t written anything new – yet, but my mind is finally active again, and what ifs are popping into my thoughts again, finally. I’ve also started a few sewing projects, gifts for family members – which at least allows some of my creativity a chance to emerge.

And dreams… oh, my dreams… more on that, very soon. *winks*


I have furry feet.

No, you silly thing, I do not have a disease of some kind! We’re simply having another afternoon thunderstorm, and Remi is under my desk. She’s been afraid of storms since her mother AKC CH. Heather passed away.

My cousin Larry recently passed away – it was a bit of a shock, even though everyone knew he had cirrhosis of the liver, as it happened within a matter of days. On the other hand, my brother Steve has been removed from hospice care and has actually ballooned up to 125 pounds! At his worst, he was around 90 pounds, a mere walking (falling) skeleton.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling, was terrific. I cried bucket loads of tears as I said good-bye to characters I’ve come to know so well over the last 10 years, and to the series itself. I read somewhere that Ms. Rowling felt true Potter fans would probably be a bit disappointed with the ending, and I was. I won’t give things away – I always hate coming across spoilers! – but will say, I hated the many losses, but understood why they were needed. That was sad, but aceptable to me. The part I disliked, was the epilogue. Granted, it was neat and tidy and finished wrapping up some of the items the book itself hadn’t covered, and gave us some wonderful dialogue and insights… but it skipped some important happenings as well, important enough that I felt a bit, well… cheated.

All and all, however, it was a wonderful series that I’m so happy I followed. And I’ve re-read all of them again, am 2/3’s of the way through the final book again….

Oh! I bought a new (for me) Dell desktop! I’m waiting for S to do his magick to it, get it net-ready and put it into our home network, but I have been playing with it a bit, learning it. Not really truly making it my own, yet, as when S makes his changes it’ll wipe pretty much everything out. But I did install Sims 2 to see what differences – if any – there would be on this Dell, versus my old Dell. Uhh… WOW!!!! I hadn’t realized just how much I had been missing before!

I went into Strangetown and watched an alien abduction – and saw the actual film clip I’d been missing all these years. And, my Sims have actual fingers now! LoL Before, their little hands were kinda like a Barbie’s – you could see indentations for the spaces between fingers, but they were still solid. Now, I can see actual space between their fingers.

Any-who, the point is, my newer Dell is more powerful then my current Dell, so I plan to move my various games and some programs over to it, and reserve this one for use for writing, creating webpages, email – relegate its use more towards work only.

I’ve also been reading some help books, and have been pleased to feel some stirrings from my muse once again. It feels like my long dry spell may finally be coming to an end. Speaking of reading, I’m almost caught up on the “in Death” series by J.D. Robb, as well. I’m finishing my second reading of “Deathly Hallows” before I start “Born in Death” and still need to buy “Innocent in Death” (Barnes & Noble didn’t have it in stock, my last trip there.) Then, I’ll just have to wait for the release of the next book in November – so yeah, pretty much caught up there.


The Window Shopper
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Team Hillary!

Hillary has formally announced her intentions – our country has Hope once again! Once a well respected Nation, we are now viewed with disrespect, a laughing-stock… under the current administration, the wealthy grow increasingly wealthier while the moderate income heads towards poverty levels. Jobs become harder to find as more and more companies outsource from other countries and set up new offices in other countries. “American made” doesn’t hold the appeal and respect it once commanded. Health care is a joke, especially in this litigous society. This country is spiraling downward….

But now, we can have hope once again. Please, join me in moving towards a better America – join Team Hillary today! And while you’re at it, Blog your thoughts, views, questions, hopes and dreams for a better America with Hillary.

song fragments

Some song fragments have been popping into my mind, lately. Don’t know why; songs I haven’t thought of for years, the tune and just a certain phrase or two of the lyrics. As I’m currently reading the Celestene Phrophacy, maybe I’m putting more weight on them, the coincidences… so with that in mind, I also thought I probably should make a record of the various phrases – since my memory isn’t as good as it once was!

“When will I see you, again… is this the beginning, or the end? When will I see you again.”

“What’s this life for?”

“Time, is on my side. Yes it is! Time, is on my side.”

“Imagine all the people…”


I’ve been oh-so-busy playing the Sims2, manipulating their little pixelated lives, and some Quidditch – in between sewing projects, that I haven’t really spent much time online. And I do need to do some research for another story idea. Bad me. *ashamed face*

However, I did also manage to fit in a bit of editing on the horror story I’ve been working on… enough that, now the piece feels more like a chapter, then a short story. Hmm… we’ll see.

I also devoted an entire night to reading some old papers my Mom sent me, things I wrote when a child, letters pertaining to my divorce – just odd bits of my history, I guess. While getting thoroughly depressed – the divorce stuff, reading my letters and letters my daughter wrote to my ex, the night was saved when a small, very aged envelope fell from the pile. A letter I wrote at the tender age of 11 (wow, Mom saved that one for 36 years! *shocked*) and was away at summer camp.

Dear Mom,

Send money!!!! Everything here costs something, the arts and crafts and horseback riding and skiing and I only have $3.00 so I need you to send me $11.00 RIGHT AWAY!!!!

*laughs* Now that was priceless.


I just finished watching the late night viewings of “West Wing,” then walked the dogs. A thought, memory actually, kept popping into my mind – it has nothing to do with the tv show or walking the dogs, but that seemed as good a place to start, as any. *grins* Any-hoo… I went to WalMart yesterday, to pick up some fabric I need to make the lining on the below mentioned cape. While there, a woman, slightly older then me by appearance, but probably in quite similar age brackets, commented about the large amount of black material I was purchasing – she asked if I was making something in particular, or if the material was for Halloween. I smiled and answered, thumbing through a Simplicity Halloween book, and showed her the cape pattern. We chatted while my fabric was being cut and priced (I got it for a $1.00 a yard, I’m happy!) about various, past sewing projects; she was quite talkative and friendly.

After my fabric was folded and in my cart, I began heading to the front of the store, and Hope – while talking, she had mentioned her name in several stories – fell into step along side of me. I remember thinking how happy my Mom would be, as she seems to feel I need more friends. Hope must have been thinking I’d make a good friend, herself… she asked me if I was married, and I told her I was very happily divorced. She then leaned close to me and told me she divorced her first husband because he was perverted, he wanted anal sex. She then went on to say she divorced her second husband because he was a worse pervert – he wanted oral sex, and she knew damn well it stunk ‘down there, it had to,’ and she’d be damned if she’d let any head go near there, or allow hers to go in a similar direction. Pray tell, what was the proper response to that ‘sharing’?

I smiled politely and moved to look at the bookcases. Dumb move. Well, sorta… Hope waved and headed off, I bought a bookcase. On the upside, all of my material, patterns and sewing items are now neatly stored on the bookcase, right behind my Athena.

And I think I’ll stick with my Sims.


Sheesh, this was kind of… wow… ridiculous. Five months between postings?!? No real excuses or anything, just was playing loads and loads of Sims2, and with my hobo and slaying dragons… and spending wayyyyyy too much money on eBay! But, I bought my ‘dream’ machine, a Singer Athena 2000 sewing machine, and oodles of patterns and material; so far, I’ve made Destiny a purple poodle purse, lavender dress with matching hat, and a teddy bear, and I’ve made myself a couple of skirts and a top, and I’m working on some cat purses, a soft sculpture doll and a blue hound dog, then I’m making myself a dark navy blue pantsuit and an awesome cape – black velvet with a diamond pattern.

Haven’t really done any writing, at all – but I’ve read the latest Harry Potter book, rejoined the DoubleDay Bookclub and read 8 selections I’ve gotten from them… I created a couple of characters that I may use in my latest writing (serial killer, so they may be possible victims).

We’ve also had lots of storms that have knocked my electricity off – hard to think, let alone write, when all the UPS’s are going off here, believe me. And with said storms, comes an increase in pain, which leaves me rather bitchy and out of sorts – even now, I’m (more or less) dealing with the beginnings of a migraine and an extremely stiff neck – residuals from Katrina, I do believe. That’s about all I can handle at the moment – when my neck is this stiff, it hurts to sit, hold my head up… so, I’m off to the couch and either another “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episode – which Remi would love, or finish my last seletion from DoubleDay, a Carol Higgins Clark “Regan Reilly” story. Maybe it’s just me, probably comparing her style (unfavorably) to her mothers, but I’m just not getting into this book.