Fresh as a daisy

Yep, I’m starting over. Not by choice, mind you, but due to some stupidity on my part I lost all of my previous postings [12 years worth!! *sighs*] so here I go again, as Dolly Parton would say. As this will be published to the Writing category, best I keep it to writing related stuff, eh?

I have posted a few links under ‘Favorite’s’ on the left, and will add more as I come across them. These will all be writing related, should I happen to stumble across an awesome non-writing blog, well, I’ll simply add a new category!

School is going well enough; the blasé comment is because I am still fairly confused by the class and what is expected of me. And this is the class that is teaching me how to be a teacher, mind you. Argh. Many of my peers are already, or desire to be, teachers. I had never entertained the idea, personally, although my Mom had hoped I would become an educator. I just want to write. Period.

Speaking of school, think I better hop over to my laptop and log into class. See if anything new has been posted in this weeks discussion forum. Hey, only two more classes to go after this one, and I’ll have my MA! Yay!

K, I am so outtie….

teacher talk!

Once upon a time… I knew where I was going, knew what I wanted – and – needed to do. But somehow… somewhere… I lost my way… lost myself? and now I’m uncertain. Uncertain? Age old questions that only some seem lucky enough to know the answers to… why am I here? What is my urpose in life? Will my presence make any difference – in the greater scheme of things – at all?

At one time, I thought my purpose was to write, to share parts of me via my written word… born in fiction, speaking tidbits of life’s travails, spirituality peeking through… *chuckles* hell, once upon a time, my Mom wanted me to be a doctor… then a school teacher… *grins* neither of which, is who I am!

A part of me reached out, via the web, by way of my web pages and fiction I placed there… I adopted all sorts of cute little graphics and wrote stories for and about them… *smiles* I had a fairly large following of young guests, following those story lines. They followed me here, to my own domain… then I began to get involved in various groups and organizations. When I felt “me” slipping away – I began quitting those groups, one by one.

I continued to educate myself, try to better myself… began to release my creativity via the graphics I began to create. And now? I feel stifled somehow… I rarely sit here long enough to make a graphic. And write? *sighs* I don’t think I really know how to, anymore… I feel lost, and don’t know where or how to find myself, anymore….