teacher talk!

Once upon a time… I knew where I was going, knew what I wanted – and – needed to do. But somehow… somewhere… I lost my way… lost myself? and now I’m uncertain. Uncertain? Age old questions that only some seem lucky enough to know the answers to… why am I here? What is my urpose in life? Will my presence make any difference – in the greater scheme of things – at all?

At one time, I thought my purpose was to write, to share parts of me via my written word… born in fiction, speaking tidbits of life’s travails, spirituality peeking through… *chuckles* hell, once upon a time, my Mom wanted me to be a doctor… then a school teacher… *grins* neither of which, is who I am!

A part of me reached out, via the web, by way of my web pages and fiction I placed there… I adopted all sorts of cute little graphics and wrote stories for and about them… *smiles* I had a fairly large following of young guests, following those story lines. They followed me here, to my own domain… then I began to get involved in various groups and organizations. When I felt “me” slipping away – I began quitting those groups, one by one.

I continued to educate myself, try to better myself… began to release my creativity via the graphics I began to create. And now? I feel stifled somehow… I rarely sit here long enough to make a graphic. And write? *sighs* I don’t think I really know how to, anymore… I feel lost, and don’t know where or how to find myself, anymore….