Sheesh, too much TV

Not a good writer-ly start here, with twelve days between posts.  And no excuses, either.  I’ve not been under any deadlines or been sick or anything. I’ve simply been blah. Plus it’s carried over to my novel, which really sucks.

I roll out of bed in search of coffee, sit down with my first cup and play a game while waking up. I end up sticking with the game for an entire pot of coffee. By that time, it’s usually nearing the girls dinner time so I begin that – and put another pot of coffee on. Halfway through that pot, I realize I’m hungry, so I make my dinner. After dinner and the unfinished portion of the second pot of coffee, I either head back to my room with a Coke, or sit and watch some TV with a Coke. If I made it back to my bedroom, I do wake up my laptop and check my email, login to school and check things, and open up my working copy of Choose. Understand, I’m up all night all of the time, whether I’m productively writing or not. It’s the ‘or not’ part that’s getting to me.

I’ve been glued to the TV watching Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, Property Brothers, and the Justice Channel. So yeah, spending tons of time on HGTV! I think Chip is a goofball and adore his antics; Joanna has a beautiful rustic style for design, even though I don’t care for shiplap. I adore Hilary’s sense of style and think David is an awesome real estate agent that really listens to the clients. Drew & Jonathan are my fave’s, though – I love the styles! All of these shows give me ideas, on the plus side… they also help me see all of the flaws from my previous contractors, on the negative side. And, I play the game while watching. Argh!! These shows pretty much end for the night around 4a.m. or so; by that time, I’m typically winding down and not feeling too creative. *sighs*

However, two nights ago I finally started some revisions on Choose. Yay, me! I’ve added some ‘missing’ scenes that help explain things better, added some detailed descriptions of a few important characters, and purchased three new books from Amazon that should really help my character descriptions. My peers and Instructor have all commented that my settings are beautiful and highly descriptive, that they can truly visualize where they are… But, they can’t quite see the characters, other than eye and hair color. Well, two of my books have been delivered and I’m planning on thumbing through them shortly, to see if they can help flush out my characters. I have high hopes; I try not to use the typical phrases that I think are over-used, to describe my characters… apparently, my minimalistic style for that is falling flat. So, my new Emotions Thesaurus and Positive Traits Thesaurus [waiting for Negative Traits Thesaurus to be delivered, still] should help resolve that issue. I hope. The important thing here, though, is I’m finally writing again! So again, yay, me!

I haven’t opened the game today and I’m almost finished with my coffee. The girls have been out a few times and have about an hour and a half to go before dinner. I’ve finished my main email and just need to pop into Facebook and Craigslist real quick, to check for anything of interest. This is exciting, it looks like a night of writing is ahead!  So, I am so outtie….

Another Year

The day is coming to an end and I really needed to write here, to totally bring in my new year as a writer having something to say.  My day did not begin with fanfare or drinks, it began the way that best reflects my style.  Hot coffee – mocha flavored, of course – music channel on my TV – 80’s top hits – and my dogs by my side – huddling away from the fireworks outside.  I read some stuff for homework and did some discussion replies, all is due by Sunday.  I read the critique’s on my submitted chapters, agreed or saw merit in some comments, totally disagreed [honesty here, read that as got pissed off by] others.  In fairness, the comments that pissed me off were ones where it was obvious the reader had no clue about previous chapters, and actually, were made by people who had read all previous chapters in our last class.  Comments concerning the ‘sudden’ appearance of paranormal creatures… uh, folks, this is a paranormal romance and has been from day one.  I never kept that a secret.  Other comments/critiques that ticked me off were those that corrected grammar errors the character was known for.  If it had been narrative, fine – I welcome fixes there; but, do not correct the way the character speaks or thinks!

M’kay, so I vented.  I talked and texted with my daughter.  I visited some websites – mainly to pay bills.  Got about half of my bills for the month done, will tackle the rest tomorrow, I guess.  Played with the girls a couple of hours, played some video games for a couple of hours, still need to get back to my laptop.  My right palm has been itching all day – money would be most welcome! *laughs*

Still need to re-do my purple.  Other than that, nothing actively going on; mentally, the brain is always moving and bouncing around.  Don’t like that I’m basically only updating my blog once a week, still – I’d hoped once NaNoWriMo was over that I’d have more time and energy to get in here.  K, so I am so outtie….

Progress, of a sort

Okay, first of all, my new bedroom outfit arrived yesterday and is quite lovely. Gardenia bedroom outfit (image) from Rooms to Go  – only difference is my headboard is solid black and I do like the headboard pictured more. *sighs* Oh well. I have the bed, two end tables, the long dresser with mirror and storage on dresser… I opted not to purchase the tall dresser or media storage unit but do plan to buy another black bookcase for my room. I have a TON of books sitting on my floor, all that use to be on my old waterbed bookcase-headboard. And, my new mattress is suppose to be ‘plush,’ (i.e. soft, not firm) but doesn’t feel anywhere near as plush as the showroom model was… but, this was my first night sleeping on it, too.

But I do like the look and feel of my new room. So much so, that when I awoke this morning, instead of playing games while drinking coffee as per my typical routine of late, I spent the entire morning doing homework. Read three peer stories and wrote two critique’s – although I’ve not posted them yet. I decided to take a quick break and check my phone, log into Clash of Clans, and grab my household email, and a few other mundane chores that allow me to move about and circulate a bit. Figured I’d go ahead and post a quickie update to my blog before heading back to my bedroom and homework. Feeling pretty relaxed and more than ready to finish my homework – a day early. I might even get started back on my current novel – the paranormal romance.

Life is good, so I am so outtie….

So what now?

I get ideas and plan to write them down, but then something else happens that distracts me – and I forget what I originally wanted to write. I’m keeping up with my homework, pretty much… I don’t know, perhaps the nonstop travel during my break threw me off kilter, cause I’m having a rough time getting into the swing of things. It also seems to me something similar happened when I was at the last stretch while earning my BA degree; I have two classes to go and these classes really sound interesting! I mean, I finally get to read some fiction of my own choosing and write my own original stuff… so why am I having such a hard time getting into it?!?

On another note, I recently was approved for a Rooms To Go card and purchased my brand new bedroom outfit – a first for me, as my entire married life, furniture came from thrift stores or off the curbs. The water bed I’ve been sleeping on for the past 15 years, I purchased used… got my money out of it, but this new bedroom [arriving Tuesday, Oct. 13] is my first brand spanking new furniture. Oh, I’ve purchased desks and DVD towers and bookcases brand new, but this is my first full room, coordinated purchase, ever. I finally decided to put my old [extremely heavy] oak waterbed set in what I call ‘the gold room’ as a guest bedroom. However, I’m not purchasing a new heater for the bed – which is the reason I haven’t been sleeping on it.

Two classes to go, then I’ll have my MA.  So what now?

‘Mkay, I’m so outtie….


ME: What’re you doing here….

JOE: What do you mean?

ME: Uh, school…?

JOE: It’s Saturday.

ME: Wait, what?

JOE: For real, I’ll show you-picks up cellphone and points to date-see?

ME: What the hell happened to Friday?-Joe laughs-And why am I even up?


Seriously, what happened to Friday? I am so outtie….

Phantom vs Selena

So I like Selena Gomez’s singing, even use her Love You Like A Love Song as my alarm clock song. I usually wake up with a smile on my face, which leads to a pleasant day.

Gerard Butler is *sighs* a sexy beast, he’s Scottish – and that is my top fave accent; he played the Opera Ghost in The Phantom of the Opera (2004) and I adore his singing almost as much as I love his speaking voice. In fact, I play the DVD every night to fall asleep to. [Please note I am using extreme strength not to insert some *double sighs* here folks.]

Apparently this morning I was really getting into the Phantom’s music, cause when I eventually woke up, I discovered I had not only turned my alarm clock off but had also muted my phone! *laughs*

Silly me, I am so outtie….

teacher talk!

Once upon a time… I knew where I was going, knew what I wanted – and – needed to do. But somehow… somewhere… I lost my way… lost myself? and now I’m uncertain. Uncertain? Age old questions that only some seem lucky enough to know the answers to… why am I here? What is my urpose in life? Will my presence make any difference – in the greater scheme of things – at all?

At one time, I thought my purpose was to write, to share parts of me via my written word… born in fiction, speaking tidbits of life’s travails, spirituality peeking through… *chuckles* hell, once upon a time, my Mom wanted me to be a doctor… then a school teacher… *grins* neither of which, is who I am!

A part of me reached out, via the web, by way of my web pages and fiction I placed there… I adopted all sorts of cute little graphics and wrote stories for and about them… *smiles* I had a fairly large following of young guests, following those story lines. They followed me here, to my own domain… then I began to get involved in various groups and organizations. When I felt “me” slipping away – I began quitting those groups, one by one.

I continued to educate myself, try to better myself… began to release my creativity via the graphics I began to create. And now? I feel stifled somehow… I rarely sit here long enough to make a graphic. And write? *sighs* I don’t think I really know how to, anymore… I feel lost, and don’t know where or how to find myself, anymore….