I’ll be in the car, or in bed, in the shower — someplace indisposed for writing, when an inkling of an idea will begin to nibble at me… I’ll start the usual mental “what ifs” and start following where it leads. Sometimes, something in it will really spark and I’ll begine to grow excited — this is the start of a really, really good plot! — and I can’t wait to get to my keyboard or a pen and paper…. As soon as a means for placing that terrific idea is available – poof! — it’s gone, never to be resurrected, no matter how much I worry and tease my brain to bring it back… *sighs* Writer’s block is no fun…


Okay, I did exactly what I shouldn’t have done, about 45 minutes ago. I created my Blogger, wrote something stupid, then out of sheer frustration, deleted it. Wrong, wrong, wrong! *sighs* I’ve considered how many really good stories I’ve killed, simply because my mood was wrong, or I was unhappy about a few words, or simply didn’t like the direction it was going, blah, blah, blah! Never, ever, EVER totally destroy a work… ya never know, tomorrow it may be a best seller. *sighs* When will I ever learn that?!?