Yesterday, Dingy and family came over early – Dingy was going to court with me, as support, while my favorite son-in-law mowed my yard [and oh my gosh it looks good!] and installed my new security door knobs – real pretty ones, too.

Dingy and I left for court; I got pulled over right across the street from the courthouse. Apparently during the beginning of James’ craziness and Mommy Dearest’s initial attacks, I inadvertently forgot to renew my tags. Well shit, I’ve been driving on expired plates for seven months! :^O  So I got to court 20-minutes late. No biggie, since Mommy Dearest’s attorney was over two and a half hours late! Dingy had to change an appointment for D, because she didn’t want me to sit there alone.

The GaL said we could leave at noon, but be back by 2:30 and my portion would be heard. So Dingy and I went home and ate lunch with the family. Saw rain was moving in when we were about halfway back to courthouse; it rained like cats and dogs, it was a bit difficult to see but we made it safely and only three minutes late – both of us soaked to the gills. I felt so guilty at 4 when I realized D was coming home from school to no one there – Dingy and I were still waiting for the case to be called. We also noticed Mommy Dearest wasn’t there for the afternoon session, as well.

I was finally called back at five, and believe me I felt guilty for tying Dingy and family up for the entire day! The DFCS attorney was asking for a 3-month continuance, and the case workers were not pleased by this, and asking that everything remain the same excluding a need for new attorney’s to represent Phillip, Joe and James. It seems this was a ‘special hearing’ to terminate all parental rights. The DFCS attorney also mentioned another child had attempted to commit suicide – little Bella tried to kill herself! Man, I feel so sick… James almost succeeded, now Bella… they are both in mental institutions.

Long and short of it, I dropped a suitcase of Joe’s clothes off at DFCS; Judge once again thanked me for trying to help children not related to me, and granted my wish to not be Joe’s guardian any longer; GaL said he’d stay in contact with me and I stated the same and hugged him. Mommy Dearest’s attorney was visibly surprised when I stated the GaL was correct, I plan to list my home for sale and move because I cannot tolerate living in the same state as that woman anymore. The damage she has done to her own children, and my family, is unforgiveable.

DFCS said they will likely initiate an investigation into S and his custody of Squishy, since he is allowing Mommy Dearest unfettered contact with the baby. They said I will likely be the first contact – no matter where I am living – to get Squish to safety. Dingy will likely be the second contact, as his only ‘normal’ [i.e. no mental illnesses in family] blood relative after me.

My tag was renewed. Truck passed emissions with no problem. Purchased new headlights because driver’s side is burnt out. Filled the truck. Came home and played with the dogs; they were acting closer to normal, they know mommy isn’t stressed anymore – even though I do have a ticket to pay for the expired tags [$169, best I can figure out – ouch!] and we ate dinner. Texted with Dingy off and on for a bit; now, back to schoolwork. I’ll finish packing Joe’s crap later.

For now, feeling a bit more relaxed, so I am so outtie….