I let two weeks go by without updating, and I thought it was only a couple of days. My bad. So, in the last two weeks I’ve used my new books, a lot. And I mean a lot; I’ve mentioned them in two discussions and highly recommended my peers consider purchasing them, and think Amazon has had a mini-upsurge of thesaurus purchases thanks to me. So that’s a good thing, for Amazon and my peers.

I’ve completed updates/revisions up to Chapter 9 in my novel and am considering a different title name for it. I’ve started looking into book cover art, as well as tutorials for DIY book cover art. No decisions firmed up at this point. I discussed the issues I’m having with Chapter 13 in my last class, and got an interesting suggestion from Prof. Jenn that I just might implement. Still thinking about the issues I would be facing, on each choice… I have three different ways I can deal with this chapter. Ernmas can pop in and put Badb in her place; book would be essentially finished with only a short epilogue needed to tie up loose ends and word count ending around the 40k marker. So novella length. Option two would allow Badb to continue pushing Lynette and Lachlan’s buttons and causing havoc. This would allow a minimum of an additional chapter before Ernmas comes in to finalize her agreement with Lynette and would likely finish around 50k word count. Option three, suggested by Prof. Jenn, is that Lynette states she simply can not choose a life mate, that it is too big of a decision with too little time spent with each potential partner. My idea was that Ernmas could give Lynette a strict timeline back in her old life, say six months, before she absolutely had to make a choice. This would allow readers the chance to see Lynette interacting in her old life more while she thinks about the three men to choose from, see her interact with some of the briefly mentioned secondary characters, and work through her personal demons before finally making a choice. Depending on how this is handled, it could develop over two or three more chapters, with the final ‘decision’ chapter at the end. Again, this option would definitely increase the final word count, pushing the story into definite novel length, plus, no matter my final decision, I am going back and adding to the chapters Lynette spends with each man so their [the males] character’s can better be shown.

Other than that, I’ve noticed I’ve been in a definite funk, of late. I’ve been playing that damn dragon game, too much. Watching too much TV – Justice Central and HGTV, some Netflix. Oh, and watched all five seasons of Alias, too.┬áThen getting pissed at myself for wasting time, falling into bed exhausted, and unable to fall asleep until well after the sun comes up. *sighs* On the plus side, it is officially February 4th now and all of my bills for the month have been paid. I’ve helped Sammie with two papers for her classes. I have roughly two and a half weeks to go before my schooling is finished. [Which might be contributing to the funkiness; while I am beyond tired of classes at this point, I know after a short break that I’ll really miss school. *sighs* I am soooo in debt on student loans!] I do have various non-writing projects I’d really like to tackle, like the rug I’m making for my bedroom, sanding my kitchen cabinets, making a couple of new skirts for myself, etching my newest dragon art-piece, watching some of the DVD’s I purchased, playing the Sims, and simply reading for fun, to start with. I really want to do some domain updates, too, for all three main domains. Argh.

I have officially upgraded my two main laptops and desktop to Windows 10 now, as well. The desktop was the last to be upgraded, finished yesterday afternoon. I think I’ve covered the main points since my last blog entry, so I am so outtie….