Been a long time

I last posted around November 2018. I had a stroke, as mentioned in last post; one of my Collie girls also had a stroke – her come back recovery trip was far worse than mine.

I began 2019 with surgery, a stent placement that removed part of the blockage that caused my stroke, quite close to my jugular so literally a life or death surgery. New medications added to my life, concerns about my pre-pre-diabetic status (huh?) initiated. I also bought a female German Shepherd from (I believe) an abusive breeder.

Then the pandemic. COVID-19 entered America.

While doing my part and staying home, I did some research on my stroke. I think I remember it hit my right frontal lobe and I was like, “Kewl, at least it didn’t hit my creative side.” So, this supposedly affects my non-verbal stuff; but, as a whole, the frontal lobes affect higher cognitive functioning such as memory, emotions (once upon a time, I was a highly empathetic person), impulse control, problem solving, social interaction (I’m more willing to call an idiot out now, than I use to be), and motor functioning (I still, walk, talk, grab things as well – more or less – as I use to). Damage to the tissue or neurons in this area may lead to personality changes (I think I see some), difficulty concentrating and/or planning (yep), and impulsivity (yep, see my comment above about calling out morons now).

Pre-stroke, I had hit a minor writing block concerning the paranormal romance I was working on. Other than the few previous posts, I haven’t really written a thing, since.

This year is almost over. The orange menace has been voted out. Georgia is now a blue state (yay!) We have a senate run-off election in 2021 (I already early voted my blue-ass). It may not be my personal chosen form of writing, but hey, I wrote something (that used my brains, planning and some creativity)!