Only reviews, still…

K, so I’m eight books ahead on my year total of 45 books to read for the year (recall, the Goodreads reading challenge sponsored by Kindle) but still no creative writing of my own. ** In other words, I’ve read 23 books since January 1, 2017, to date. Oh, and started another earlier today not factored into the total count yet. ** I have found a couple of new-to-me writer’s that I’ve reviewed and simply adore, though. Tamsin Ley sent me advanced reader copy’s (ARC’s) of two of her steamy romances featuring unusual shifter’s… so far, a merman and a centaur and both were yummy! Next planned project from Tamsin is a Djinn, so unsure how that’ll be. Next is Jen Blood and her newest mystery featuring a character she apparently had introduced in an earlier work, Jamie Flint, a canine rescue and search trainer/worker. It’s obvious Jen is a dog lover and pays attention to critter behavior, because her doggy descriptions and behaviors were absolutely spot on.

I know I explained to my Mom, years ago, how I hear voices in my head, i.e. the characters asking me or screaming at me to tell their stories; sometimes I can close my eyes when I hear a loud enough voice, and am able to describe the character fairly accurately… other times, they invade my dreams, take them over and show me tidbits of their story. So, I keep dreaming about a Scot named Cian… sometimes he’s a wolf shifter, sometimes a Druid, and sometimes both. And sometimes the right side of his face is scarred – which is really cool when he shifts to a wolf cause he’s a black wolf and the scars show as pure white hair on his muzzle and around his eye. (My daughter thinks the scarring is due to my nightly habit of falling to sleep to Phantom of the Opera, by the way.) He’s always an alpha male. Always. But I think he’s only showing me his ending. Not his death, dummies! His happily-ever-after ending, marriage and a bairn on the way. Cian puzzles me. I’ve dreamt of him for about two weeks now, and usually by that time I’ve gotten a world created and other general set-up taken care of. But the scenery keeps changing and Cian isn’t being very forth coming about any incidents in his life – other than when he got the scarring. That was from a witch hexing him before he was old enough to shift and heal, so the scarring is permanent. Still unsure why she hexed him, and something about the hex forcing him to turn into a feral wolf by his thirty-fifth birthday, unless he’s married to a woman that loves him. Huh. Guess he gave me more than I realized. In fairness, I have been sleep deprived so not always thinking clearly… staying up too late playing games and reading.

Wow. I guess I’ve really been messing up here, so I am so outtie….