I’m so bad

So, I finished Lynette’s Choice and no one has purchased or reviewed it. Fine, my name is an unknown as a writer. I’ve reviewed some – although none so far this year. I’m working on Robert & Allison’s story, which is the second in the planned (stand alone) series, and have included a couple of hot kisses in this one. Still don’t think I’m ready to write full erotica… I know what I like to read, unsure what I’m willing to write though.

Some issues with my vehicles, but all being worked on and repaired. The Benz still has a chance, which is good cause I really like driving it. I still haven’t really driven the Beast cause there’s a power steering issue that I might have an issue with and haven’t had repaired yet… so my daughter or son-in-law drives it. *shrugs*

Landlord’s family is causing issues with my family, and landlord has pretty much said he’ll just walk away from everything instead of putting his foot down. Coward. So we’ve been house hunting. Actually, found something we’re all pretty interested in… but now comes the jumping-through-lenders-hoops for financing. Argh. It’s a pain.

To touch base on previous issues mentioned in last post – I placed a spending moratorium on myself and am sticking to it fairly well, other than gas, smokes, occasional snack and Starbucks. Balances are slowly going down; not as fast as I’d like because of other crap – huge power bills, larger phone bills, etc. But, still going down. I now have 4 credit cards slightly under the range I set for myself, and the ones that aren’t are paid on time with over payments and such, so in good standing. Actually, every bill I pay is in good standing. I just owe a tad more than I want to. Landlord was in hospital for around a month when all was said and done, and out of work for a spell afterwards – obviously. But the manipulative old coot started taking advantage of every single person that cam to help, and the one that helped THE most (my daughter) he essentially used her and tossed her to his family wolves. Hence our needing to move… one stepchild wants to bulldoze the trailers and sell the property, but idiot hasn’t factored in – it’ll be split between 18 frickin kids!!! Apparently the big-mouthed one has financial problems and doesn’t realize that A) this property is only worth about $10,000; and B) if he’s lucky he “might” get to pocket around $1000, but likely MUCH less, once property is sold.

So majority of my time has been spent on researching things – non-writing related; viewing properties; spending time reassuring my woosy Collies – they try to act like they’re my protectors but if push comes to shove I think they’d toss me to the wolves so they could get a running start. Big babies. Instead of reading, late at night I veg in front of telly. Gotta get things taken care of so I can get back to my main loves: reading and writing.

With that said, I am so outtie….