You know, there is something oh-so-deliciously decadent when one disregards the poking and prodding of one’s muse. Sometimes. However, giving in to an… ahem slothful nature is not something that should be indulged too often. So I have been indulging. It came to me quite recently actually, just within the last 24-hours or so, that I never allowed myself to truly rest and play and vegetate, after I completed my schooling.

Oh no, I no longer had texts to read and papers to write so I substituted fictional readings and writing tons of reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still read – a good writer does their best to keep abreast of current offerings – and write reviews for what I’ve read – for one, it’s a way to make my name known in certain circles and should also┬ábe incentive for others to review my own works, once published.

I’ve been playing Sims 2 and SimCity Buildit, addictively, both created by EA Games – my favorite game makers. Sims 2 I play exclusively on my desktop PC, while the Buildit game is played on my Kindle Fire. I don’t have to truly plot or even think, to play these games… I can create chaos or keep things moving serenely along with a click of a mouse button, simply take time out to give attention to my girls – feed and play with them, feed myself, sleep when I’m finally exhausted enough to drop off. Once I got past the guilt of not working on my book and simply played, I realized my restless muse was beginning to poke and prod at me again – only this time, I was interested in answering to her. So tomorrow, er, later today, I shall once again indulge her and actually feel refreshed enough to accomplish something.

As a side note, during my ‘off time’, I had a minor fall… thick clodhopper slippers not quite clearing a shallow step and tumble I go. Freaked the hell out of the girls! Both were hovering over me, whining and poking at me with their wet noses… I had a few tiny skin-scrapes, barely noticeable, but was left very sore in my right shoulder, hip, lower back, and even my neck. Oddly enough, sleeping on the couch in the den for the last two nights has improved the soreness, somewhat. At least I’m no longer limping or moving like a hundred-year-old person. In fact, earlier today I even managed to make note of all the kitchen cabinetry hardware – something I’ve been putting off doing for months, and I hammered a plug extension onto an inner area of my main desk and rearranged some wiring. I even dusted my den and took the trash out! In other words, I’m beginning to feel like I’m back.

With that said, I am so outtie….