Nothing new

I did a tiny bit of writing on chapter six, described Allison’s family members that she’d just met – but she doesn’t know they’re her family yet. She’s showing a rapport with youngest brother Henri, and when I get back to the story, mother Marie will show signs of a deja vue type recognition of Allison….

I finally updated, i.e. read that as totally changed, Scribes Canvas. New index page (and graphics), new core pages (from a pre-made template)┬ábeing added – reviews mainly, possibly some fiction will be moved over there, too – but same old serial killer blog – Ramblings from a Scrambled Mind. Haven’t updated that blog in ages, been too busy with romances to let that coffee nut back inside my head… although, I am drinking a lot more coffee. *insert evil laughter*

I also joined a book review group, Book Reviews 22, and will get the first listing of books needing reviews on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Kinda looking forward to it. Although I have a ton of books to read on my Kindle, already. I really need to create some folders and sort what I have into groups, like YA, romance, etc. But honestly, it’d take forever to go through all of my old Bookbub and Sweetfreebooks listing emails to find the descriptions for my books. I actually debated buying a new Kindle while they were on sale, to set it up correctly! *laughs*

So, completed a few reviews, did a tiny bit of writing (but more research), graphics work and refurbished the other domain, grocery shopped, played with the dogs, wasted time on FaceBook, visited with Springy… and that’s about it, I think. Hmm, sounds kinda boring when I read it. But, it’s not. No, really. It’s not.

M’kay, I am so outtie….

**CORRECTION!!!** I said I did a tiny bit of writing on chapter six… my bad! I finished chapter six and have almost completed the first scene in chapter seven. Ooopsie! *grins* Back to writing, I am so outtie, again….