Spells and more . . .

Spell of Healing . . .
Jasmine incense, green candle - annointed with rose oil. Cast circle. Concentrate on one needing healing, visualize him/her smiling and healthy. Hold the candle, sending loving and healing energies into it, then light it, saying -
I ask in the name of The All, that I Chantel (insert own name here), be granted the healing of (insert name of person needing healing) . . . I ask that this be correct and for the good of all people. So mote it be. In no way, shall this spell reverse, or place upon Me, any curse.
Meditate while the candle burns, visualizing and seeing the person healthy, happy and smiling. Blow out candle, after incense has burned and meditation is complete.

I wrote a simple - yet very powerful - spell to help one see clearly. Without going into too much personal detail, the spell was written to help someone I love, see the truth that was before their eyes. I found it most powerful during a new moon, and almost as powerful during a full moon. Clearly say, with all of your emotional energy : Open <name's> eyes so that <he/she> may see, the truth that will finally set <him/her> free.

Living on the outskirts of a large metro area, traffic can be horrid, to put it mildly. So whenever I go out, I say a very simple spell to enfold myself, anyone with me and my means of travel (car, bus, plane, etc.) within a forcefield of protective energies. I have been using this means of protection for years now, and have not had an accident or any type of mishap in my travels, since doing so. Even my dog Remi, who has been known to be bothered by motion sickness in the past, no longer gets sick on the road and now very much enjoys her ride in the car! I direct this spell to the Goddess Fortuna Reduxa, as the One who watches over travelers : Goddess Fortuna Reduxa, protect and keep safe, me and mine, as we travel this day.