Spirit Stones -

Once a year, I draw a Spirit Stone, to find My teacher of the year . . . in 1998, My teacher was Dolphin, Breath. Dolphin taught Me to stay in tune with the Universe, take deep breaths and center Myself . . . to listen to the deeper side of My inner Self. I thank Dolphin for Her Wisdom and teachings, and welcome Frog, Purity, as My teacher for 1999. Frog teaches Me to 'wash away' the old, and rejoice in the new . . . Frog is honored for the purity that water brings ~~ Water prepares and cleanses. We were given tears, to wash away anger, frustration, hurt . . . it washes away the uncleanm leaving in its place, a freshness. I thank Frog for for reminding Me of the importance of Water.
For the new millenium, I welcome Wolf, Mentor, as my teacher and guide. The moon is seen as the wolf's ally, and they both represent psychic energy and the creative force -- both hold secrets and hidden understanding . . . calling forth, that which is being shielded, to be revealed. She is a teacher and pathfinder, a loyal partner who has a strong affinity with the family unit. She reminds me to quest for a new level of consciousness, to trust my instinctive thoughts and inner knowledge.
In 2001, I am honored to have Eagle, Spiritual Power, be my teacher. He is the greatest, most majestic, most sacred of birds, encapsulating the power of the Great Spirit. He carries messages between Earth and sky, and takes the prayers of humans up to the sun. Since he flies the highest of all birds, he is a symbol for the sky gods -- meaning, he represents the human spirit soaring to that which is higher and higher. Eagle medicine is one of the most powerful of all energies relating to the spirits of creation; Eagle medicine is of power, strength and inner awakening. To be guided by Eagle means to stand apart and to believe in your own spiritual power. Eagle reminds me to strengthen my resolve, to visualize and let go of the past - power is given to be used by me, so that I can move along in my life and help those I care about. Eagle reminds me of my high ideals, and to help me attain them. Eagle is the profound healer - reminding me I can heal myself as well as other people in my life. He will help me to an inner awakening, higher wisdom and insight.
I drew my 2002 teacher on January first. I am so very honored to have Eagle, Spiritual Power, remain as my teacher again this year -- and, to have Raven, The Messenger, be my teacher as well! I will speak of Raven here, as I've already stated what Eagle is teaching me, above. Raven makes the statement that there are deeper forces at work, over which we have no control; change will bring something very profound into my life. Raven reminds me to trust my intuition - even if it tells me differently from what I want to believe - that I should 'step into the void,' for he will guide me true. Raven tells me to change my lifestyle. (I am trying to quit smoking!) Raven asks me to face change with courage, outside movement to my life is already happening - whether I am prepared to accept it or not! This is a time for profound change, I should examine my attitude and take the challenge. Raven is the Great Spirits' Messenger, and is bringing me the message of great change in my life . . . there is news on the way; either created by me, or it will be created for me.