Spirit Stones - continued

The year 2003 brings me Bear, Contemplation, as my teacher. I am very honored Bear has chosen to teach me, for he is associated with shamans, as both are considered powerful spiritual entities. The bear, like the shaman, is considered to have healing powers; the shaman, like the bear, serves as a messenger about future hunts.
One of the oldest, sacred animals known to man, Bear is teaching me to enter the silence of my being and evaluate what my dreams mean to me; this is a time of listening to the spiritual influences that are trying to be supportive, and to bring direction to my life. Bear is also the seeker of truth -- he will guide me in my search for clarity. This is the most powerful directional energy, as all answers lie within us.
Bear energy is asking me to listen to my feelings, and not allow outside noises to mask them. I need to balance my spirit first, in order to bring mental, emotional and physical health. Bear encourages me to go into Dream Time to remember what it is, I really want out of life. Dream Time reminds me that self-importance is of no consequence to those who seek spiritual awareness; if night dreams are becoming powerful, keep a dream journal and use a dream dictionary -- I am being told things for a reason, so I should trust myself. I need to take stock of what is evolving, in a spiritual sense. Bear energy also reminds me that nothing in life cannot be changed -- it is important to feel comfortable in my home and surrounding terrain; if Bear is uncomfortable, he will move on. A journey begins with the first step.