Spirit Stones - continued

Along with My yearly teacher, I also draw a monthly Helper teacher, who assists My main teacher, adding the lessons they are known for. All teachers work together, adding their combined strengths and positive energies, to help bring about balance to One's life. Please goto the next page, for a brief description of the Teachers, and the lessons and energies they bring.
The descriptions and lessons offered from these Animal Spirits, are taken from Growling Bear in his "Spirit Stone."

Bear~ Contemplation . . . the ability to withdraw from everything, to go within to find answers. Bear is the seeker of Truth, and tells you to bring direction to your life.
Wolf~ Mentor . . . She is known for Her protective qualities - mentor, teacher, loyal friend, guide, wanderers and path finders, with a strong affinity for and with the family unit. She is associated with the Moon, both representing psychic energy and creative force, both holding secrets and hidden understanding . . . showing One's senses are strong, and that One has more understanding than One gives Self credit for.
Buffalo~ Sacredness . . . the provider of all needs, the very center of life, the power of using great strength in a controlled way. Buffalo reminds Us that we cannot achieve anything of worth, without honoring the Great Provider.
Eagle~ Spiritual Power . . . spiritual power and freedom, understanding and spiritual wholeness, inner awakening - all energies relating to the spirits of creation. Eagle guidance reminds Us of Our strengths, giving One the ability to stand apart and believe in Our own spiritual power, letting Our higher Wisdom and insight give direction.
Owl~ Perception . . . the ability to see beyond what others can percieve, innate understanding and wisdom . . . in a spiritual context, Owl is related to psychism, occult matters, instincts and clairvoyance - the true ability to see what is happening about you.
Raven~ Messenger . . . the bringer of tidings, a reminder of the Divine Plan that connects all things - Raven flies you into the realms of fear, fear is One's empty voice of limitation. Raven is of the shadows, yet desires to protect and save.
Snake~ Change . . . representing the fertility of the land, its ability to shed its skin reminds Us of the seasons of the year - change and transformation, a re-birthing time. Snake energy creates passion and desire, birth and vitality, focus, learning and judgment, direction and empowerment, giving One determination, creativity and zeal.
Frog~ Purity . . . cleansing, refreshment, purification and initiation by water - washing away the unclean and leaving a freshness that all living things instinctively understand.
Spider~ Destiny . . . the weaver of fate, a powerful creative force. Spider energy may encourage One to tear down their life and rebuild it anew - if the foundations are solid, One may build upon them. As with Spider's web - vibrations are felt throughout the web - when destiny moves, every aspect of Our life is affected.
Whale~ Singing . . . the Song of Life and spirituality, the essence of the Earth, representing all knowledge and understanding - from the start of time. Whale reminds One that they are a sensitive soul, with a natural intuitive ability.
Dolphin~ Breath . . . a messenger between this world and the afterlife, in tune with the rhythm of the whole Universe. A symbol of virtue, supreme wisdom, joyfulness and playfulness, She reminds One to breath deeply and listen to Our inner Self.
Butterfly~ Transmutation . . . rebirth, regeneration, immortality - bright ideas and creative visualization, denoting change. Butterfly may be telling One to create space in their life, so they may grow.
Dragonfly ~ Deception . . . tells Us the appearance of things belies their true nature, encouraging One to look into their life and see the illusions.
Swan~ Meditation . . . trust, state of grace and bowing to the will of the Great Spirit - associated with love, purity and music, She is a shape-shifter, equally at home in three elements - Earth, Air and Water. Beauty and grace, tremendous power and strength, reminding One that in all things, there are opposites - the Yin and Yang.
Turtle~ Endurance . . . She is the totem for the Earth, connected to Earth energies, showing One the need to honor the Earth. Turtle tells Us to trust in Ourself and perservere to achieve Our goals.