O' Enki, O' Fortuna . . . I would like My Higher Self to choose some pattern, some part of My life that need's to change . . . I ask this for My health, growth, and well-being. I ask that My Higher Self be guided to change, generate new behaviors, that will be more beneficial and effective to Me, than My old behavior. So mote it be.

Poem of the Ute Indians

I am the woman who holds up the sky.
The rainbow runs through my eyes.
The sun makes a path to my womb.
My thoughts are in the shape of clouds.
But my words are yet to come.

Words to honor the Lord & Lady
Grasses they grow.
The rain falls down.
Cycles and seasons go round and round.
Oh the moon she waxes.
And the moon she wanes.
Thirteen moons in the Earth's domain.
The tides go in and the tides go out.
Teaching you magick is what it's all about.
We are the grandmothers here to reveal
Mysteries and magick usually concealed.
Love be your torch
And wisdom your way.
Open to our Presence
For our Blessing this day.
© Silver Ravenwolf
To Stir A Magick Cauldron

All Gods are one God
All Goddesses are one Goddess
For each believer, a different face . . .
Similar to the one they wear.
And the Gods behind the God
And the Goddesses behind the Goddess
For every prayer a different answer . . .
No more than they can bear.
The God within the Goddess
The Goddess within the God
The Two that are One
The One that are Two
Each decides which aspect
They shall honor. . . .

A Simple Blessing
I bless Ra, the fierce sun burning bright
I bless Isis, Luna in the night
I bless the air, the Horace hawk
I bless the ground on which I walk
Author Unknown