StoryTeller2, AKA Shari Lyne, is a 54-year-old single female. (For a few more months, at least! *grins*) She is a recent graduate of Ashford University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, English major, on September 3, 2012. She favors natural coloring - which is why she no longer dyes her hair red anymore, allowing her natural silver/grey to show, and the coloring of StoryTeller2's domain reflects the natural coloring she favors - her home is painted in very similar colors.

StoryTeller2 has been online for almost 20 years now, and she made her first webpage approximately 15 years ago; boy has she learned a lot! She is proud to say she is totally self-taught when it comes to HTML coding and web design, although she doesn't hesitate to search for and follow tutorials and books. All graphics created by StoryTeller2 were thanks to wonderful tutorials she found over the years.

Years ago, there was an area where StoryTeller2 posted her musings and thoughts on various subjects, as well as several pages that explained the situation that had placed her on disability and left her dealing with ongoing pain for the past ten years. She chose to omit the pain postings with this latest update, as well as the description of how her injuries occurred, in order to keep a more positive frame of mind in her self as well as any visitors. As time permits, she may bring the musings section back - or simply add it to the blog she intends to add to the site.

Roughly seven years ago, StoryTeller2's sister-in-law sent her a picture, which she posted on this very page with her sister-in-laws' comments. It is included her again, simply because she loves the picture - and in honor of her mother, Reverend MaryAnn Krell. The comments are unchanged: Recently, my sister-in-law sent me an old photo she found in my father's belongings. She joked in her note - this is you . . . no wait, it's Mom . . . no wait, it is you! *chuckles* What do you think, is there a family resemblance? Oh yeah, Mom was 21 in her picture and I was 40 in mine. I will add a current photo sometime in the future, as, like most people, I have changed a lot in the last 14 plus years!

Mom, at 22 or 23 years old Me at 40 years old