The Choice
or, Choose Your Own Story

Deep blue eyes stared, unblinking at her. Noting the worried crease upon her brow and the way she was biting her full, bottom lip. Watching as her slender hand slowly, unconsciously, reached up. Observing her index finger snaking through the center of an errant curl, twisting it, tighter and tighter.
Krystal worried her lower lip, her eyes locked on her reflection.
"C'mon, Krystal," Monica said, "make up your mind. Geez, it's not like it's a life-or-death decision, ya know. Pick a color."
Krystal shifted her steady stare to Monica's reflection. Her gaze traveled slowly, briefly taking in the well-worn generic brand tennis shoes, the faded jeans and the baggy tee shirt before leveling on Monica's eyes.
"Well," she said, "some of us actually care about our appearance, Monica."
Monica could feel the heat in her cheeks as she averted her gaze from Krystal's steady glare. She didn't see the satisfied smirk on Krystal's face.
"Hmm," Krystal said, "the green mini compliments my hair, but the gold one makes my eyes look awesome." She ran her fingers lightly through her copper colored curls, her light hazel eyes once again back on her own reflection.
"Well," Monica quietly said, "you look awesome in either dress Krystal. You could wear a cardboard box and still make Jason drool."
Krystal grinned. She tossed the green mini over a chair and grabbed the gold dress. In seconds, the form fitting dress was in place, showing all her curves as she carefully arranged her hair, pulling the curls into a copper frame around her face.
"Damn I look good," she said, "don't I." She glanced at Monica's reflection before continuing, "Almost too good for Jason."
Krystal didn't bother to wait for a response or watch the pained flinch cross Monica's features. She knew her friend was jealous, that she was interested in her current boyfriend. Knew Monica would give anything to change places with her, even for a day.
She didn't mean it, Monica thought, blinking rapidly several times, before turning to follow her friend from the room. Krystal doesn't mean to be so hurtful or cruel. It just slipped out cause she's thinking about her date. She walked slowly downstairs, arriving at the bottom step in time to hear Jason's praise.
"Wow," Jason said, "you look hot, babe. Makes me wanna ditch the movies and head straight to Marsh Landing."
"Making out comes later," Krystal said, turning to flash a triumphant grin at Monica before continuing. "I'm not wasting this dress on just you. Now let's go."
"Oh, that hurt babe," Jason said dramatically as he raised his hands to his heart, his features transformed into one of pain. "You just ripped my heart right outta me and shredded it to bits . . . threw the remnants to the floor and ground them under your heel. Um, nice heel, by the way."
Monica giggled, watching Jason's theatrics. Krystal glared at him, her arched right brow revealing her growing anger. Jason lowered his hands, turning to give Monica a slow grin and wink before opening the door for Krystal.
Wonder what movie they're going to see, Monica thought.

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