"South Park?" she asked, "You bring me to a kiddie movie? You are joking, right?" "What's wrong with South Park," he answered, his tone defensive. "I happen to like South Park."
"Jason, look at me," she said, "do I look like a dweeb? Do I look like someone who watches cartoons? For christ sake, what's wrong with an adult movie?"
She angrily turned away from him. How dare he bring me to this damn movie, she thought, here I am, dressed to the nines, and he takes me to see a damn cartoon!
Facing the window, Krystal's jaw dropped as she watched Jason's reflection move towards the ticket counter. How dare he ignore me like this, she thought, he's not getting away with this. Oh, no sir!
"C'mon, Krys," he said, "the tickets are paid for and the movie is about to start. Let's go sit down. You can at least pretend you're having a nice time."
Pursing her lips, Krystal's eyes narrowed at Jason's callous comment. She slowly turned and glared at him. With a toss of her head, she pushed past him, her high heels clacking loudly across the floor, with each angry step. Jason shoved his hands in his pockets as he followed her from the lobby, his eyes glued to her swaying hips.
She chose a seat in one of the back rows. She dropped into the chair, tossing her right leg over the left, her chin propped on her hand. Jason sighed. Boy am I gonna pay for this, he thought. He knew Krystal hated sitting in the back rows. He sat down next to her. He didn't try to hold her hand, or put his arm around her.
Five minutes into the movie, Jason was laughing so hard at the cartoon antics, he forgot all about Krystal's anger.
Krystal studied her nails. She kept her head turned slightly away from Jason, and her gaze averted from the screen. Her anger grew with each burst of laughter from Jason. How dare he ignore her and have fun! She pulled her nail file from her purse and began working on her nails. Glancing idly about the movie house, Krystal yawned loudly.
She heard a familiar peal of laughter when the cartoon characters began singing some song, and craned her neck, searching the audience. She spotted Monica sitting four rows in front and to the right of where she and Jason were sitting. What's she doing here, she thought, as she slashed the file across her left index finger.
Krystal darted a side ways glance at Jason. He was oblivious to her, totally enthralled in his stupid movie. She stared at the back of Monica's head, noting the dark brunette hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. It's about time she brushed that rat's nest, she thought, working the file across her pinkie nail. She yawned loudly, wondering how much longer she'd have to suffer through this movie.
"Jason," she whispered loudly, "I want some popcorn. Jason, did you hear me? I want some popcorn, and a coke."
"Sure Krys," he whispered quietly back, "I'll get it for you in just a sec, okay?"
Krystal sighed loudly as she started working on her right nails. Finished, she put her nail file back into her purse. Jason still hadn't gone to the concession stand. She rolled her eyes when he laughed at the movie. She leaned over to him, her mouth close to his right ear.
"I need a break," she whispered, "I'm heading out for a smoke. Be back in five, okay? Oh, and don't forget to have them put butter on my popcorn." Without waiting for his reply, Krystal stood gracefully, taking a moment to smooth her skirt down. She turned and glared angrily when someone in the row behind whispered rudely - down in front!
With a saccharine smile, she paused to stretch thoroughly before deigning to move from the rude person's field of view. She blew the individual a kiss, as she sauntered to the lobby.
Krystal swiftly exited the lobby and shook a cigarette out of her pack. It took three flicks before her lighter caught and stayed lit. She blew a smoke ring while flicking her lighter.
Tired of playing with her lighter, bored, Krystal stamped her cigarette out and started walking. Oooo, I know a way to make tonight more interesting, she thought, grinning. I can use my file and let the air out of Monica's tires!
Krystal headed to the front parking lot, sure Monica had parked as close to the exit as possible. It always annoyed Krystal, the way Monica was willing to walk farther to the theater entrance, just so she could park closer to the driveway exit.
It only took three minutes to find Monica's old Mustang convertible. She reached into her purse for her file. Man, this is gonna be fun, she thought, pulling the file out.
It caught on her open pack of cigarettes, and flipped out of her grasp, flying through the air, landing three feet away, by the curb. Krystal walked to where she thought the nail file landed and lowered herself to the curb, reaching for her finger nail file. She felt a sharp pain in the sole of her foot when her heel slipped over a pebble.
Just my luck, she thought, to land on a piece of glass!