Free Verse: A Blessing

I am happy,
and whole.
to my very soul.
Success in writing,
and long life
is my goal.


Ballad: Ballad of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City changed today,
In just a blink of the eye.
Thanks to Timothy McVeigh
The landscape changed
- with a screech and a sigh.

Why, should I cry,
I don't know why,
I should cry -
I'm scared.

Oklahoma City changed today,
An act of insanity to be sure.
The Federal Building blown away,
Lives lost, innocence destroyed
- with an act so impure.

Why, should I cry,
I don't know why,
I should cry -
I'm scared.

Sonnet: Dragon Sonnet

For those who love fantasy,
Paranormal and sci-fi,
A sight that brings ecstasy
And brings about a sigh -
Slowly, oh so very slowly, he rises -
To kiss the sun high in the sky.
See him there, in one of his many guises,
A haunting call, a screeching cry -
Behold the majestic dragon,
Flyin' high, ne'er laggin'
His beauty and strength
Can be seen by all,
Tip of nose to tail, what length!
Floating higher, then a controlled fall.

Author's note: These poems were written for my final paper portfolio in one of my English classes, Creative Writing, at Ashford University; the paper was turned in on January 16, 2012, and I did get an "A"! *grins* -- Shari Lyne