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My inner child throws temper tantrum's when I don't allow it to come out and play, so naturally I tend to give in. *smiles* Hopefully, this area can and will be enjoyed by any and all visitors, no matter their age. Each area will be a bit of a maze; however, all pages will always have a link to this point, in case you should want to wander off and explore other area's of the StoryTeller2 domain. In other words, there is no menu link throughout the playhouse - but, there will always be a link back to this page. Now for a slight description....

The Haunted Trail is exactly what the name implies. It is a year 'round Samhain fest! After all, 'tis my absolute favorite holiday. *winks* And this year, we open with a tale that may - or may not - help us choose the way to go. (Remember, I did mention each area is designed as a sort of maze.)

Fantasy Fever honors all of my fae, unicorn, witchy and every other fantastical adoption/creation I have. In fact, consider this area simply as a flight of fantasy. Oh, and I might add, all pages within this haven are definately "G" rated. I am working on several stories for each area, with the intention of changing them out every other month. One of these sweet girls - blue pixie green pixie - will guide you through the area when it is completed! (Tutorials for the adorable pixies is apparently offline at this time, I'll update as soon as it's back!)

Haunted Trail

Fantasy Fever

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