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  Merry Meet. The Wiccan Room is a ring for sites which give information or which are about
Wicca and/or Pagan related. I am hoping to link together many sites, so that
travelers may stop by and find what they are looking for. There is so much
mis-information about Wicca on the internet and so many people still think it is
evil. Hopefully, this ring can help to change people's views about our chosen way
of life.

If you would like to join this ring, please make sure that you do not have any
X-rated material on your site and that you do not have any Hate related
information. You must display the ring code to be added to the ring.

First things first. Please fill out the form below to add your site to the queue. Then
copy and save a copy of the ring graphic and upload it to your own webspace. The
html code will be displayed on the next page after you add your site . . . all the details
will be changed, so all you need to do is copy and paste it to your page.

Then E-Mail me with the location of the code and I will add you to the ring. Simple!

Blessed Be and Thank you for joining.

Ring Graphic

Wiccanroom image, please download to own hard drive

To add your site to the Ring

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***If you are rejoining the Ringsurf ring, please don't forget to save the new graphic***
and please use the new code that is sent to you via email
Get the copy below in case, just copy, paste, then change your details

To only edit your site details

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