Okay, I'm hooked! I joined many others in the blinkie craze. I've just started making blinkie's, and boy did I have fun! Plenty more coming soon, I'm sure. February 5 , 2003 is when I joined the WOSIB Blinkies Fever Club! These little boogers are down-right addicting to make - as I'm sure you all must agree! *laughs* My blinkie gifts - for any who cares to take them - can be found by clicking the link on the menu to the left. Hope you enjoy them! To help load time, they are broken down into a few pages. . . . Oh, and the "Causes" blinkies open a new page to the sponsored site, too.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness
February birthday
Pediatric AIDS
February birth
Ronald McDonald House
Perfect Pisces
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Pretty Pisces
Breast Cancer Awareness
February Babe
Breast Cancer Awareness
Save the Wolves
National Kidney Foundation
One World
Red Cross
Aries patriotic
Save the Whales!
Save the Unicorn! Facebook page

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