This is a very personal, in some ways even life-altering, experience I choose to share with you. To help clarify and understand a bit, I invite you to read who Lady & Champ are, on my  Tribute  page. This experience took place on July 8, 1998.

I followed the instructions from the book, The Way of the Shaman, closing my eyes, placing an arm over my eyes to make sure it was totally dark, then allowing my inner vision to guide me. Now, in the book, I was instructed to find my personal entryway to the other consciousness, some hole, tree stump, etc., that I felt comfortable with.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I realized I was at some cave entrance - I wasn't familiar with it, and admit my heartbeat sped up, a little scared. It was so dark, with a lighter gray, moving, concentric circles in it. I consciously told myself I had to trust, had to enter - when I felt myself pulled inside. I'll admit, that increased my concern! I kept telling myself to have faith, that the Goddess and God would protect me from all harm, but I could feel my heart pounding. Then, I felt something cold and wet touch my left arm - my heart sped even more, I knew as scared as I was getting, it would be better to end this quest then go on. But, I looked at what touched me - it was my beloved Lady. She barked, one joyful, reassuring bark, then I heard Champ's silly little bark chime in, as he came running from inside the dark area, and bounded into my arms.

Lady stayed at my left side, Champ in my arms, as I could feel myself drawn faster into the darkness, as if we were flying. To be honest, I know we were flying. My heart slowed to extremely slow, steady beats - I've never been able to consciously slow my heart that much, no matter how relaxed I was, in my normal meditations. And, at one point, when I looked over at Lady, I saw she had changed, morphed into a dark gray/black wolf. Champ never changed, always his silly little self. She was only the wolf a short time - I guess I could equate it to the blink of an eye.

I saw an extremely bright light, like a lightening bolt shape, ahead of me. I put Champ down and had my right hand on him, my left on Lady, as we continued to move towards the light. My heartbeat was still very slow, but I could feel myself growing excited, almost like I was high, a euphoria filling me. I had to flatten myself to pass through the crack in the wall, and Lady and Champ were still with me. The walls of the cave were now a dark gray, but still had lighter gray, concentric circles. I was flying faster, Lady and Champ both barking joyfully - I saw another crack ahead, same as before, similar shape to a lightening bolt, very bright white, and headed towards it.

As I got close to it, I saw Lady begin to pull back a little bit. I knew she wasn't crossing through this one with me, but it didn't scare me or anything. I leaned down and kissed Lady and Champ, they both nuzzled my face, and I crossed through. I was standing in a very bright, green meadow, on a rock ledge. I could hear a waterfall, but didn't see it.

I felt, rather then saw, some insects of some kind, fly around my head. I could hear the buzzing of their wings. I just looked around, still standing on the ledge. I could see a stream below me, and saw some fish swimming there - absolutely beautiful, their scales almost glowing, shimmering - iridescent blues, gold, purple and a rosy color. I was calm and filled with peace, but felt my heartbeat speed up once again. I could feel, sort of sense, my body was growing restless, and turned back to the cave entrance. Lady and Champ were there - smiling their typical Sheltie smiles - they stayed by my side as I flew back the way I had first come.

At the entrance of the cave, I paused to hug and kiss them one more time, then opened my eyes. I stopped the CD, thinking I should write my experience down so I didn't forget anything, as the book advises, but was filled with a strong exhaustion, and fell asleep.

I don't know if Lady and Champ will meet me each time I travel into the Shaman Consciousness, I don't know if they are guides, helpers, whatever. It was wonderful seeing them, feeling them again. I'm reading my book, and part of me does believe they are my helpers. Lady changing into a wolf like that, and with the way I've always been drawn to wolves - well, it just makes sense to me.

I know I went to the other reality, the Shaman's reality or consciousness. It isn't time for me to heal myself, or any other yet, I know that. I have to travel there, become familiar with the other side, find my helpers. Hmm, I should clarify - I know it isn't time for me to do physical healing yet. I have to finish 'healing' my inner self first, gather strength and power.

"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.    Black Elk, Oglala Sioux visionary

Brightest Blessings.


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