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AVMA Pet Poison Guide - excellent site to bookmark, great reference
Pet Loss, Grief Support - Rainbow Bridge here, and candlelight services
Sheltie International - one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines around!
Sheltie Pacesetter - also one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines

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Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge

Babs Babs, April 25, 1990 - April 17, 1994I never got a chance to say good-bye . . . she is survived by her dam, Lady . . . Babs (Sterling's New Beginnings) didn't like the show world, but greatly enjoyed therapy visits with the mentally retarded.    She seemed to take great joy in trying to draw a certain resident out of his shell *smiles* the very same man who would, a year after Babs' death, cause my work injury that left me disabled.    She was taken too soon, before her first and only litter of pups were ready to let their mommy go . . . Grandma Lady stepped in, and raised her daughter's babies.    You are missed, Babs. . . .

Wookie, no pic available, records destroyed during divorce *smiles sadly* . . . Wookie (aka Sterling's ANew Beginning) was a shy little gal, never bred, never shown - except in 4-H, by my son John.    She chose John as her special friend, drawing him out of his shell and helping him to trust somewhat.    John was adopted into my family, as a teen - after having been severally abused for the first 13 years of his life.    Wookie seemed to sense that John had a wounded spirit, and John, in turn, realized Wookie's temperament was similiar to his own - though she had never felt a harsh hand or voice, as he had.    Wookie was also taken too soon, at the tender age of two when she crossed the Bridge.    She greatly resembled her grandsire, Champ. . . .

Smurf, pic coming soon. Smurf was a typical farm-bred, blue merle Rough Collie.    While at a dog show, in Toledo, Ohio, the Collie Rescue had a representative there, with Smurf.    Her age was unknown, other then she was a senior citizen.    When my daughter spotted her, she fell in love.    Smurf came home with us that day, and lived - happily - for 5 years with us, before she crossed the Bridge.    We knew she was ill, when my daughter went out of town for the weekend.    But Smurf held on, determined to see her beloved mistress' face one last time.    Smurf died, an hour after my daughter came home.

Champ, puppyChamp, April 9, 1989 - June 1, 1998 The cheerfully grinning little furball pictured to the right, is my Champ (aka Sterling's Beats The Odds), sire of my CH. Heather.Champ, 12 weeks old, 7/1/89>My little furball was well loved . . . my constant companion . . . I love you, Champ . . . he had a true zest for life, and feared nothing - except being apart from me.    If I had to be away for some reason, for a day or two, Champ would lay listlessly by the door or by my side of the bed, refusing to eat unless my daughter would feed him by hand - kibble by kibble.    He was my "fearless fly-catcher," and would defend me from any blue or red car, even those parked in a threatening way . . . *smiles*    My Lady, pictured with Champ, below, is still with me today.    She was 8, when this pic was taken . . . at 10, she sorely misses her little buddy. . . .

Champ and LadyLady, February 12, 1988 - June 26, 1998My Lady (aka Sterling's Lovely Lady), dam of my CH. Heather . . . the one and only true love of my life left me, just 25 days after our little buddy Champ was taken.    Champ was 7 when this pic was taken.    (Even today, over 5 years after her death, as I work on this Tribute page . . . I have to keep stopping, because I am crying so hard. I miss her as much today, as the day she crossed the Bridge.)    Lady was quite depressed when Champ died, as was I, and moped around for a little over a week - not taking pleasure in our walks anymore, simply . . . acting old.    Before Champ's death, she still acted "puppy-ish."    A lump formed above her left eye . . . it was diagnosed as a brain tumor.
I made the difficult decision to euthanise my girl . . . she had given me - and so many others - so much in her life, I couldn't allow her to suffer . . . my girl trained many children, via 4H and AKC Junior Showmanship, what they should do in a conformation ring, gently 'bumping' them where they should be . . . correcting her stance after giving them a chance to stack her . . . she also loved to come to work with me, she so enjoyed visiting with most of the residents in the MR institution . . . I recall one wheelchair-bound resident that every other therapy dog seemed to want to avoid.    His voice was shrill and sharp, and he twitched and jumped - which caused his chair to squeak loudly.    The first time Lady came to work with me, she went straight to him - hesitating only briefly, when the resident was overcome by spasms.    He screamed shrilly - and Lady simply rested her chin on his knee, waiting for it to pass, waiting for him to pet her.
Lady, my best friend, my confidant . . . I sent you across the Bridge, over 5 years ago . . . I miss you as much today, as the day you crossed . . . you took a large portion of my heart, with you . . . you were my world, my heart, my soul . . . I miss you, my Ladybug. . . .

DeckerDecker, December 24, 1989 - September 20, 2001Decker, affectionately known as "Goofy," (aka Windsong Sharja Picture This) was the first Afghan Hound given to my son, by a terrific lady. He came to live with us in 1992, and was definately a goofy addition to our family!
Decker was a loyal, loving member of our household, who single-handedly taught us the fallacy behind the myth, "Afghan Hounds are the dumbest dogs on earth." Boy, was that way off the mark! When we lived on our small country estate and had some beef cattle, they escaped once. With a household of herding dogs, 3 Shelties were called upon to herd them back. Decker watched the Shelties moving, weaving here and there, gathering the calves - then loped out to join, herding 2 of the stubbornest calves in himself! Quite a feat for a sight hound!
Decker loved my son, but became totally devoted to me after a work injury left me disabled. He taught himself to be my service dog, helping me walk when my balance was off, alerting me when he sensed I was going to have a dizzy/fainting episode, and he would often wrap his body protectively around me - in a horse shoe shape - when he felt I needed that extra support. He even saved my life once, when my ex-spouse broke into my home planning on doing, well, whatever he planned. Decker would not allow him to pass by him, to get to me, even though he was being kicked and punched. And knowing the gravest sin of all is to harm a human, he never growled or bit, in his own defense. But he stood his ground.
Decker also missed Lady a great deal. She was, I believe, his favorite Sheltie. When my Lady grand daughter, Remi, joined the family, he simply tolerated her . . . until that silly little twerp wrapped him around her paw! In the (then) two-years of Remi's young life (still living, the silly girl *smiles*) Decker's health was failing. Plagued with a kidney disorder, he still could be roused to play - only by Remi - until the day he died. Greatly missed by our family - human and critter alike, we'll always remember that silly Hound, lovingly known as Goofy.

AM CH Sterling's Lovely Odds, "Heather" Pictures of Heather, in her prime, can be found on her page  -  here.    I had posted Heather's passing on a Petloss page, and hadn't added her here. That was my grave error, as the site no longer has her info; I should have placed her here, on my own domain.    I will have to go through my old records, to get the accurate data, but suffice it to say, she is missed.    Heather began to have kidney problems, and eventually went in to renal failure.    Before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she lay in my arms, weakly wagging her tail as she happily listened to her favorite person in the world, my son, tell her good-bye.    He was living and working in Japan, so unable to come home to see Heather off, but I held her in my arms and felt her quivers of happiness, hearing his voice coming through my computer.

Heather and RemiRemi, May 8, 1998-August 18, 2014 Remi (Lynstorm's Reminiscent Dame) could have been her grandmother's, Ladybug, twin in looks, and was aptly named to honor her grandmother.    Like her grandmother, she was my best friend.    I was lucky enough to have her in my life for over 16 years; she was  the  best co-pilot, and absolutely loved watching TV.    She had her favorite TV shows and movies, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer her favorite television show and Spirit her favorite movie  -  although she loved werewolf movies, too  -  but horse movies were her top favorites and I often said that she was bilingual cause she spoke horse.
Remi acted very puppy-ish right up until she was 12 or so; around the time I moved to my current home, the end of 2011 when she was a little over 13, Remi was finally slowing down some and getting a few grey hairs on her muzzle.    Her vision seemed to be fading some; she got out of the fenced backyard about a week or so after we moved here, and got 'lost,' wandering around a neighbor's yard and barking to be let in, at their front door.    She was slower, in 2012, and had some obvious vision problems, but handled the new addition to our family, Luna, very well.    Remi started off simply tolerating my Collie, but eventually seemed to grow to like her.    Right before Luna's little sister, Stevie, joined the family, Remi began to have seizures occasionally.    They were scary to watch, but only lasted a few seconds and she always came out of them seeming none the worse.    In 2013, Remi seemed to be going downhill faster; she seemed to be going deaf, and was exhibiting vision problems.    She was getting to a point where she didn't seem to like to go for car rides anymore, too  -  hard for me to see my co-pilot not wanting to go for rides anymore.    The first part of 2014, Remi was moving into a pattern of lots more sleep, but her appetite was still good and every so often, she'd even get in a playful mood and chase her ball once or twice before tiring.    Starting in April, she began to have more and more seizures; she was showing more signs of vision problems, bumping into furniture every now and then, and snapping at Luna and Stevie if they got too close.    By July, she was running into walls and furniture, and during my finals week, in August, she was showing obvious signs of dementia.    Honestly, I'm not sure she even recogized me any more, by that point.    But I still knew  her.
The weekend before she was euthanized was her worse yet; she was incontinent, urinating herself in her sleep, and try as I might, I could not see that she was getting any joy out of life any more.    She would spin in slow circles, and looked very confused.    I have two very tiny steps leading into my den, and she would fall trying to use them, up or down.    Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:30p.m., I said my final good-bye to my best friend.

Image coming soon.  Luna, January 18, 2012-May 17, 2023 Luna (Lynstorm's Dark Side of the Moon), a tri-color Rough Collie, was mentored by Remi to be the next leader of my small dog pack.     And she took her training seriously, even though she was so soft-hearted it was hard for her to correct her little sister, and eventually my German Shepherd's, Joplin and Cooper.     She preferred to just be with me, by my side, at all times.
Luna never got into watchng the TV like Remi did, but it would catch her attention, every now and then.    She adored going for car rides, especially to the Hiram PetSmart where she took obedience classes and to the vet's office.     Dr. Carpenter, head vet at the Hiram Animal Hospital, was one of her top five favorite people, beat out only by my adult kids and my youngest grandson.     Even the quickie trip to the end of the driveway, made her day!    Although she preferred the destination to be Starbucks.    Luna was probably one of the best "nanny" dogs I've ever had, herding my grandkids away from steps, the fireplace, anywhere near the road . . . in fact, she preferred they just stay put in my den!
Luna was very puppy-ish, almost to the end.    This year, 2023, she began to show some signs of her age.    She began to move a little slower.    Her hearing wasn't quite as good, anymore.    Her sight seemed to be failing her a bit.    Around the end of February, she began to have seizures that left her acting minorly confused.    The seizures came every few weeks or so, and I couldn't find a cause - other than possibly sundowners or dementia.    By mid-May, they were taking her down for hours, culminating in the final one the day before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, that caused her right eye to bleed.    She no longer seemed happy to be here.     It was time to say goodbye.


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