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Lynstorm Kennels
CH. Heather
Tribute Page
To Breed, or not to Breed


AKC - American Kennel Club, loads of info on purebred dogs
ASSA - American Shetland Sheepdog Association, Sheltie Parent club
Sheltie Bloodlines - lots of history, helps in tracing your dogs background
AVMA Pet Poison Guide - excellent site to bookmark, great reference
Pet Loss, Grief Support - Rainbow Bridge here, and candlelight services
Sheltie International - one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines around!
Sheltie Pacesetter - also one of THE best all-Sheltie magazines

Sheltie Breeder Links

Clan Duncan Shelties
Snovali Shelties
Valmar Shelties

GA Collie Breeder

GA Collie Club
Georgia Collies
Glendale Farm
Honeysuckle Farm
(where Luna came from!)

Wolf Links

Wolf Park
Wolf Shop
Wolf Timbers
Wild Wolf Women of the Web

Turkish Angora - a beautiful cat, CFA approved
Abyssinian - one of the oldest breeds, CFA approved
Egyptian Mau - traced back to ancient Egypt, CFA approved
Longhair Scottish Fold - fairly young, distinctive breed, CFA approved
Norwegian Forest Cat - cats who explored with Vikings, CFA approved
Javanese - similar to the Balinese but more colorful, CFA approved
Turkish Van - the "Swimming Cat" loves water, CFA approved
Birman - the cat of the "golden mist," CFA approved
Chartreux - considered as French as Rodin, CFA approved


Lipizzan Horse - beautiful and intelligent, more than circus performers
Friesian Horse - a talented show horse
Pony of America - versatile family pony
Tennessee Walking Horse - affordable loyal companion
Appaloosa - colorful and unique
Saddlebred - the horse America made
Thoroughbred - fast horse that matures quickly
Westphalian - outstanding dressage and sports horse
Spotted Pony - the spotted coloration prized by horse owners for thousands of years
Mustang - once tamed, can be an extremely loyal companion

Wild Animals

Black Bear - a majestic animal
Big Cats - lions and tigers and, oh my!
Polar Bear - is it any wonder Coca-Cola uses this beautiful animal for advertisement?
Koala - a critter from "down under!"
Deer - who can resist Bambi?
Wolf - several pages long, includes the beautiful photographic work of Monty Sloan - WolfPark

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