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Lynstorm Shelties is a young kennel,  as far as time involved in the world of breeding and handling dogs,  having only been "around" since the late 1980's.    The late June Christopher of Waljon Kennel fame,  referred me to a local breeder,  Carl and Dottie Snyder,  of Car-Dot Shelties.    As of this update, August 25, 2014, Carl is deceased and I am unsure if Dottie is, as well.    So the former Car-Dot Shelties is no more.

However, Carl & Dottie had a litter sired by  AM/CAN CH Benayr Westwind Contrabond,  and out of a CH Beltane Notable  daughter.    The pup I purchased,  my future show hopeful,  was my foundation bitch and dam to my  CH. Sterling's Lovely Odds.    Her name was Sterling's Lovely Lady,  call name Ladybug.    Please refer to my  Tribute  page, for more about my Ladybug.

Carl quickly became my mentor,  teaching me how to read pedigree's,  sharing his knowledge from all of his years breeding,  how to breed for "type,"  and general instructions on training my new pup for Conformation shows.    June Christopher and Carl Snyder opened the door for me,  and I stepped into the wonderful world of dog shows -- with the Shetland Sheepdog as the star attraction.    It wasn't long until my children followed my footsteps,  venturing into Junior Showmanship Competition.    My son gained a love for the Afghan Hound breed, his Decker can be seen on my  Tribute  page; and, my daughter gained a love of obedience showing.

In the last 12 years,  I've only bred 6 litters,  producing 18 puppy's.    Three are Certified Hearing Dogs for the Deaf,  4 are in show homes,  5 are deceased,  7 are in loving companion homes.    Due to a work injury,  I've not been able to breed or show dogs for almost 10 years now.    I greatly miss the show world. . . .

That final paragraph is no longer current, so here is a general 2014 update.    To the best of my knowledge, every Sheltie bred by me is now deceased.    My own Remi, the last of my line, was euthanized on August 18, 2014 at the age of 16 years, 3 months and 10 days old.    Knowing I was facing the end of our time together, I purchased another dog to help me through the grieving process, and chose to step out of Shelties since I would no longer have a dog in my own line  -  Remi was never bred, you see.    However, I knew I wanted to stick with a dog from the Herding Group, so I decided to purchase a Rough Collie, and began searching for a breeder.    I have links on the left side menu of the main breeders I contacted, and it should be noted they are not show breeders, but rather breeders of  'farm-style' Collies.

My first Collie is Luna, and I will put some pictures and a page up for her, soon.    Luna is a large tri-color girl who is trying very hard to fill the paws of her former alpha, Remi.    Luna is currently 3 years old; because Luna was so close to Remi, I figured I had better get another Collie companion for her, knowing Remi's time was limited, and purchased her full sister  -  born a year later  -  Stevie.    Luna and Stevie have musical-themed names, with Luna being Lynstorm's Dark Side of the Moon, a Pink Floyd song, and Stevie is Lynstorm's Sisters of the Moon, a Stevie Nicks song and hence her call name.    Are either Conformation show dogs?    No.    However, I took Luna through some starting Obedience classes and had a blast!    Luna wants to please me so that makes her a fairly fast learner, but she is a bit of a ditz, too!    I think she might fair better in Agility, but I'm not sure.    Stevie hasn't had any of the 'formal' obedience classes, but can do almost everything big sis Luna can  -  but she heels so much better, really hugging my leg as a good obedience dog should, so I am seriously considering re-entering the show world, but focusing on Obedience instead of Conformation, at this time.

Lynstorm Kennel's has not bred a litter for close to 17 years, now  -  but don't rule us out, yet.    Once I finish my schooling  (I am currently working on my MA in English, Creative Writing concentration, more about that under my writer's bio page)  I just may start back into the ring, and breeding world again.    Just with a new staring breed, is all.


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