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Trying a different layout, in hopes of easier navigation for my readers. To the left, in the notebook, are the titles of my current offerings. Each is a link that will open in the iFrame window below. To navigate away from this page, simply use the site menu below the iFrame window.

While I've spent years online, I have been fairly secretive. However, after my college time, I've decided to be a bit more open about myself. For those who wish to know a bit more about me, you can use this link: About ST. In some respects, there isn't much to say *grins* but it's there should you care to look.

I hope you enjoy my writing. Each selection is truly a labor of love for me - even when I sit over my keyboard, cursing and fuming because my edits aren't coming together the way I want at that particular second! *chuckles* Send me a line and let me know what you think, I always appreciate feedback! Write ST

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