I joined WOSIB - Women of Strength and Inner Beauty, January 29, 2003, and discovered that WOSIB is made up of a diverse group of women from around the world. Age, race, religion, sexual orientation - none of that matters, all women are welcomed with open arms and treated with equal respect and admiration for what they bring into the group - their own unique self. And that makes for a fun and relaxing atmosphere!

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Since becoming a member, I've joined a few of the not only have I had fun within these Gardens, butlearned some new things, too. Links to the individual pages concerning my Garden 'growth' will appear in the menu between the bars - links to the rest of the site are, as always, in the main menu at the bottom of the page.


Oh! I won the 2003 Christmas Word Bingo, wooo-hooo! So, a special gifts page has been created, showing off the various gifts I've received from my WOSIB sisters. Please be sure to visit, from the Clubhouse entrance.

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