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Work in progress; past club dedication pages will be displayed here, as well as any new affiliations I join. Some of the organization sites are no longer active and/or online - as I join new sites, they will be placed at the top. I'm simply choosing to continue displaying past spirit pages, as I really enjoyed my time with each of these groups. I ask that you please be patient, as I am babysitting two young grandson's (age 2 years old and a 3 month old) for 12 hours a day, Mon. - Fri. currently, and trying to fit time in for updates and quality time with my critters!

Spirit pages are placed in numerical order, with the newest in the #1 spot, and can be fairly graphic intense. Consider that a warning! *chuckles* Over the past several years, I've joined many online organizations; I've had fun, and enriched my life because of my involvement and the friendships I've made. From here, you'll find links to my personal dedication pages for each group I'm currently a member of, as well as links to the organizations home page. However, most of my past affiliations are no longer active online - but I still love the pages I created honoring them, as well as what they stood for, so the links remain within this domain as gifts, charms, blinkies, etc. pages. Of course, there are so many more groups out there - besides the few I am a current or past member of . . . these are just a few I've found and enjoyed, as well as met some pretty terrific people in!


A brief over-view of my favorite groups: Camelot Dreams was a site competion group - during my last year with Camelot Dreams I acted as the Director of Security, Manager of the Lake of Hope, Manager of the Tower, Team Leader for the Castle Scribes, Editor of the Camelot Legenda, Manager of the Grail, Manager of the Drawbridge, Manager of the Moat, and of course, Board Member. In the past, I've served as : Acting CEO; Director of Marketing; Manager of the Warriors; Manager of the Cave; Manager of the Tower; Manager of the Roundtable; Manager of the Garden, and, the Castle Scribes Team Leader. As you can see, I was definitely involved in this group! It was a very sad day for me, when the site went defunct.
Women of Strength and Inner Beauty (WOSIB for short) - was another group that had been around for a few years, but I just finally joined (this would have been around 2003-04). And now I realize how much fun I've missed out on! These terrific ladies made me feel right at home, and are to blame for my latest addiction - blinkies! *grins* I'm having loads of fun in the Creator's Garden (I really miss this area!! I learned a lot of great graphic techniques and loved the tutorials), as well as the charm club, too. Although I've recently left the group (due to a death in my family) I heartily recommend this group for terrific camaraderie.
Phenomenal Women of the Web is another women's group I belong to. PWOTW is an absolutely HUGE group -- please visit, by clicking on the logo, no dedication page made, sorry. This group is still online and I am still a (non-active) member.

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