StoryTeller2, AKA Shari Lyne, is a 57-year-old single female. She graduated from Ashford University on September 3, 2012, having earned a Bachelor of Arts, English major, Magna Cum Laude. She is currently working on her MA, English, Creative Writing – Fiction, with a projected graduation date in February 2016, from Southern New Hampshire University. Shari favors natural coloring – which is why she no longer dyes her hair red anymore, allowing her natural silver/grey to show [although she currently dyes the tips of her hair a deep purple], and the coloring of StoryTeller2’s domain reflects the natural coloring she favors – her home is painted in very similar colors.

I created my first webpage at the old Geocities using their basic HTML Editors, then graduated to hand coding using Notepad, once I purchased this domain in the mid 90’s. Yes, this has been an active website for almost 20 years now. All graphics featured on this domain were created by me, via various tutorials I’ve found over the years. All of the fiction found in my personal Library is written by me, and I’ve made sure to keep the original’s as I wrote them – which, I believe, best shows how I have grown as a writer. In other words, some flaws, perhaps some logic errors and maybe even some spelling or grammar issues that slipped by my fabulous editors (Mom & Don, I really miss you!)

I began blogging approximately twelve years ago; unfortunately, during a server move around the Fourth of July, 2015, I lost all of my original files so I am starting this blog fresh. *sighs* It was a huge disappointment to me, believe me! To add insult to injury, when I realized my original blog was lost, I apparently [not paying attention *sighs*] also deleted a huge folder filled with all of the wonderful graphic tutorials I had done over the years, and many of the tutorials were created by amazing artists no longer found on the web. I confess I cried when I realized what a bumbling, stupid mistake I had made. However, my Mom always told me not to cry over spilled milk, so here I am, lip a-quivering, putting on my brave face as I begin this blog anew.

So, that’s me. A perpetual student that sometimes makes really stupid mistakes, i.e. human. Enjoy my rants and ravings via my blog, and feel free to peruse the rest of my site. As I move closer to graduation, updates will be coming much more frequently.

Shari, is so outtie….

**EDIT** Today’s date:¬†July 15, 2016 – I’ve graduated! Earned my MA and sent an image of the beautiful degree to family members and then posted the same pic to my Facebook account. I’ve completed a novel and am beginning my final revision stage before starting the publisher search, and am working on book two of the series – actually at the halfway point in book two. I still color part of my hair deep purple, and am thinking about adding some blue to the mix.¬† I have suddenly become inundated with robots, spam, or trolls… comments are no longer allowed for the ‘About’ or ‘Beginnings’ pages.**