Beginnings, of a sort

The About page gives a bit of information as to who I am, as well as why I’m starting over. If you would like to peruse the entire domain, please use the menu on the left. The one called ‘Site Home’ will take you to the index page of the entire domain; or, you can use any of the areas by clicking the arrow button, such as ‘Library’ – my fiction; ‘Playhouse’ – my year-round Halloween pages along with some fantasy min-stories; ‘Clubhouse’ – can be found under ‘Playhouse’ and is all of my affiliation pages; ‘Animal Info’ and ‘Spiritual’ – can be found under the ‘Library’ section as they have massive amounts of information about my kennel, other animals, and my spiritual path. I always sign off my blog posts with something like, “I am so outtie….”

So, that’s a brief explanation of what’s going on with the blog and the new menu’s. I am also changing all graphics, slowly but surely as time permits, in between homework assignments, as well as working on a massive domain update. Updates will likely be a bit sporadic until after the New Year, since I am not due to graduate until the end of February… then, I’ll be updating like mad!

Grab a cup of coffee or a Coke, and please enjoy. Feel free to send a message via the handy-dandy comment button, or email, should you have questions or comments. For now, I am so outtie….