I write, fiction; or, as Kellyanne Conway might term it, alternative facts

As a four-year-old, my perception of the Cuban Missile Crisis was, “Mommy, the stooopid Prezsieden stopped my cartoons again!” As a teen, I had to learn about the event in my history classes and understood President Kennedy was not only taking a hard line on the Soviet Union building missile bases in Cuba, but that he was working to ensure the safety of American citizens as well as working with the UN. While President Kennedy did not want to wage war with the Soviet Union, he also would not back down from his duty to safe guard the United States as a whole.

Article I, Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression and religion: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (Wednesday, March 4, 1789 – emphasis my own) On January 20, 2017 – inauguration day – six journalists were arrested while reporting on protests against the sitting President’s inauguration. They were doing their job, reporting – see Amendment 1 directly above – and now could face up to ten years in prison. [See article here: http://www.snopes.com/2017/01/25/journalists-arrested-felony-charge/] The sitting President has banned several predominantly Muslim countries entry to the US and stated, “My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.” (January 29, 2017) However, let’s be very clear here. President Obama responded to an actual threat when it was uncovered that two Iraqi refugees had been implicated in bomb-making while still in Iraq, that had targeted American troops. The sitting President issued his executive order with no known triggering threats against Americans. President Obama did not halt or ban visa applications, although the process admittedly slowed considerably. President Obama did not authorize a “blanket ban” on all citizens of Iraq entering America, and from traveling through the United States – including greed-card holders. For those that do not know or understand, a green card is given as proof to legal permanent residency, to those that have officially been granted immigration benefits which includes permission to reside and be employed in the United States. The sitting President signed a “blanket ban” against seven countries – not against known or suspected extremists, but against everyone from those countries, presuming them guilty of terrorism without proof, from entering into America. The sitting President referred to the terroristic attacks on 9/11 as to reasoning behind this ban – yet, the countries not included in this ban are the very ones where the terrorists came from, were trained in, lived in (Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan to name two)… and also, I believe, countries where the sitting President currently owns hotels and has other business ties.

Christians believe in one God and follow the word of the Bible. Muslims believe in one God (Allah in Arabic) and follow the word of the Quran. From History.org, “… Islam, which means literally “submission.” This new faith incorporated aspects of Judaism and Christianity. It respected the holy books of these religions and its great leaders and prophets — Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and others. Muhammad called Abraham “Khalil” (“God’s friend”) and identified him as Islam’s ancient patriarch. Islam traces its heritage through Abraham’s son Ishmael.” (emphasis my own)

Friederich Trump immigrated to America (from Germany) in 1885 and became a citizen  in 1892. Abraham Rutan came to America (from France) in 1675 – a full 210 years before Heir Trump. A Madame Duchesne settled in New Orleans (from France to Canada for many years and then America) in 1823 – over 50 years (62, to be exact) before Heir Trump, while a J.B. Duchesne also settled in New Orleans (also from France/Normandy to Canada and then America) in 1822 – also over 50 years (63, to be exact) before Heir Trump. Duchesne is another spelling of the French surname DuShane. My mother descends from the Rutan line and my father is a DuShane. By all accounts, my familial line has been in America longer than our sitting President’s familial line.

What is my point, you might be wondering…? Well, part of my family was here in America before the Constitution was even written and I happen to take pride in what that Document states. Oh, I’m sure many Americans take pride in the Constitution, I am in no way claiming my pride is stronger simply because part of my familial line arrived in America before it was even penned. I am no historian although I am educated, holding an MA in English; I read, a lot. I write, fiction; or, as Kellyanne Conway might term it, alternative facts. As a concerned citizen, I do not have a problem with our government taking steps to keep us safe – as President’s Kennedy and Obama did. No, not at all! I expect it, no, demand it – they have many whose entire careers concern gathering information and making the data known so the President can make an informed decision. Our Constitution was not founded in fascism, which seems to be the particular bent of the current Administration. Religious freedom and freedom of speech – including the press – are the very first things addressed in the First Amendment, for crying out loud.

What saddens me the most however, is witnessing the blatant bigotry and racism not only still present in this once great nation, but fervently shouted from rooftops. I cry for my country. I am so outtie….

Fiction Thesis Part One – Update

I passed. *smiles* Got an ‘A’ on my final paper and overall ‘A’ for the class. Woo-hoo! I have a 3.84 GPA currently, so I’m happy; I figure I should graduate in February with slightly better than a 3.90 GPA.

I’ve started Fiction Thesis Part Two already, we’re in our second week but on holiday break until January 3, 2016. I’ve already completed my homework – which isn’t officially due until January 3, but it’s done and online and I’m planning on doing some extra work, as well.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with Scrivener – I had an issue adding images to my research area and knew it was a matter of me not understanding what to do and not a problem with the program, and I was right. I knew I just needed to have a chance to study the program when I wasn’t totally swamped with homework, NaNoWriMo and family matters, and that chance finally came a couple of days ago. And I was right. I figured out what I was doing wrong, inserted the images into my research area and have begun restructuring my paranormal romance within Scrivener. I’ll be putting the other novel in Scrivener soon, as well. I think it will be an extremely useful tool once I am more comfortable using it. Bottom line, I’m pleased I purchased it!

K, I need to update another area, so I am so outtie….

Fiction Thesis Part One

Class officially ended an hour and a half ago. Final class begins on December 14 and will factor in breaks for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. At this time, I’m precisely 4.5 points away from a perfect grade, with, I believe, three things left to be graded. Obviously I will be passing this class with an ‘A’ as well, so continuing with my fairly [I did have one ‘B’ class, after all] perfect educational journey. Whew, I am so humble! *laughs*

My story took some unexpected turns; it is still close to what I originally envisioned, but thanks to some awesome peer critiques and questions, some terrific ‘what if’ moments opened up and I learned some things about my protagonist and a secondary character that will be important in the next story. Yes, you heard my commitment. This story isn’t quite finished yet and here I am thinking about the next story to be written. Yay, me! The current story is darn close to being finished, however; and, the revision process I use allows me to add new stuff all the time and I do have a few ideas to flesh out Lynette’s story.

Speaking of processes, in class we discussed our personal revision process and many of my peers mentioned they liked some of my ideas… I don’t delete. That’s first and foremost. If I like the words but they simply don’t fit the story, I cut whatever doesn’t work out and paste it into another document I have that is nothing but unrelated bits and bobs and scenes that will eventually find their perfect home in some other story. I also utilize Words font color change ability for things I edit and revise, to alert me to keep my eyes open for continuity errors and flow. For instance, Lynette recently alerted me to the fact that she has daddy issues, which I didn’t know. That scene is a nice bright red to really draw my eyes to it because I’ll need to add some foreshadowing moments in earlier scenes to tie into her revelation.

This is the time I typically start really writing, but I’ve been falling behind on sleep. Enough that it’s causing problems with my creativity and gumption, actually. I’m actually heading to bed as soon as I post this, and looking forward to finally getting some sleep, I must say. I also want to get started on the latch hook rug I’m going to make for my bedroom, which will hopefully help Luna and Stevie move on and off the bed without slippage. Or as much slippage, at least. See what I mean? Scattered thoughts from sleep deprivation, odd things occur at odd moments.

*yawns* I’m tired, so I am so outtie….