update part deux, too

So I’ve gotten a few phone calls from DFCS concerning Joe. They have been informed I plan to rescind my custody on Thursday and tell me I do not need to go to NC to pick him up, especially since they will have custody in two days. They once again thanked me for all I had tried to do with these kids and apologized I had had such an awful experience with Mommy Dearest’s children.

Right now their plan is to have a transporter go pick Phillip up, and leave Joe there – apparently with NC’s blessing – until after the hearing on Thursday. Then another transporter will go pick him up. He should be miserable without his brother, Internet, and no Mommy Dearest contact for a few days… totally alone. I hope he looks back and tries to appreciate what he had here – he always did, until Mommy Dearest started phoning and texting so much.  Poor kid.

Oh yeah, also roughly another $150 poorer – purchase of new security, keyed entry door knobs for my house!

I’m outtie….