Gotta get back to writing but some bad luck issues are draining me. Literally. So, I got this huge power bill, been running AC so its kind of expected, right? But, I didn’t own anything in August – maybe a buck or two cause I typically overpay, so didn’t bother to make any kind of payment then. Figured I’d wait to start building credit with the company until winter usage… well, apparently they didn’t email me my actual August bill, cause last month I was hit with over $300! Way higher than typical for me, during my heaviest usage summer months my biggest bill is still less than $200 by a good degree… so that was issue number one, had to put a $300 charge on a credit card I’ve been working to pay down. My girls need their Sentinel, which will be roughly a $125 charge for three months of meds for them… *sighs* Expected, but still.

So, yesterday (actually this was Thursday) I wake up late again, as usual lately, and head into the den all blurry eyed, ready for my caffeine IV and email… and I see what looks like a dribble-pee spot in front of the door. I turn the lights on and then it hits me, I can also hear a distinctive drip-drip-drip sound… and water is steadily dripping from my ceiling. The corner of the ceiling is hanging lower, water is pouring down my door, and the wall has two huge wrinkly sections. Sight unseen, I diagnose problems with my hot water tank, which is housed in my attic. Poor Stevie is living her worst nightmare, it’s raining in the house! I put in a “911” call to Dingy, cause she’s my ‘go-to-gal’ for any issues, and they plan to head my way. I turned the lights off, to be safe – the ceiling fan-light is in the middle of the room and it doesn’t look like the ceiling is wet all the way to it, but better safe than sorry, right?

Went outside front door – den door is like sealed shut – to go grab mail and see it’s like raining cats and dogs – under my carport. So that’s where the majority of the water is escaping. My driveway is soaked, too, like after a typical Georgia thirty to sixty minute torrential downpour. Bought a wet/dry vac and repair stuff, plus put $15 in the kids gas tank, so the repair cost me a hair under $100. Have the attic stair down still so attic can finish drying – which worries/concerns both dogs. Last night I finally realized the reason the fan was so freakin’ loud was because it was set on high, so turned it down and I can hear myself think again. Although honestly, I’ve been freezing because the fan blowing on the wet wall and floor has created a swamp-cooler and is keeping my house under 70 degrees. I keep it at 75, winter and summer, so yeah, I’ve been freezing. Girls love it. *laughs*

Before anyone points out the repair for under $100 is actually quite good, however… I still haven’t replaced the messed up section on the ceiling or the drywall on the walls or purchased paint to repaint the messed up walls and ceiling, yet.

My DVD towers are on the opposite side of the room while my La-z-boy chair and bookcase are in my living room. The girls are very upset by this, although Luna is being her usual stoic self albeit a tad needier wanting to climb up into my lap when I sit down at my desktop PC. Stevie is refusing to walk by the attic ladder and off her food; she also went into my bedroom yesterday and hopped up on the bed – and acted too afraid to jump back off herself. She was ‘stuck’ in there for like six hours! The dork. Add to all this and I’m having a few issues with the bank controlling two of my accounts… for the Amazon account, they say any amount I pay before the due date will not be applied to the amount due, yet hadn’t told me when my due date was… I made a payment and they later sent me an email that I owed a $5 payment – by this time, my disability check was used up, so they added a $35 late fee and some other unexplained $11  fee saying I owed them $51 to catch up!

So yeah. No writing right now. I’m fucking depressed. I’m so outtie….