Arghh 2.0

So, I’ve watched a shit load of TV. Arrow, the Glitch, the Flash, Black Mirror, and a couple of movies on Netflix, as well as a few – that I ended up writing reviews for, too – on Amazon Prime. Only nine more days till this years NaNoWriMo begins and I haven’t been writing, again.

I don’t know why, either. Told my daughter, I’ve just been feeling ‘blah’. Again, don’t know why. But, I can say it began when I was re-watching Sons of Anarchy. It hit me around season five, I think, and I felt it take my head into a real dark place… which I mentioned in a much earlier post. I thought I had gotten past it, began reading again. *sighs* One error filled book after another, all author requested reads after another which frustrated the holy hell out of me and ended up putting me off of reading even more. And as you know, in order to keep up with your craft, you need to read, read, read and read more.

I’m not dreaming, either. I usually have very clear, colorful lucid dreams. Honestly, it’s where I meet my characters and learn more about them. I suppose I could be dreaming and not remembering them, but I actually don’t think so. I feel tight, congested… like there is a total blockage in my creativity line cause I’m just not feeling a thing. And it shows in my every day life as well as ways to release my creativity. I know the ‘juices’ haven’t dried up. They just aren’t flowing.

I don’t know what to do.

I’m so outtie….